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SAS Team Halt Islamic State Attack in Iraq with Just TWO Shots

Translator By: Neil Chandler Daily Star An SAS team used the AW50 to blast a lorry ­taking Islamic State killers towards an undefended Iraqi village. It is the first report of British ground troops in action in the region and … Continue reading

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MUST-SEE SPEECH: Col. Richard Kemp on the 2014 Hamas-Israel War

Translator YouTube/UN Watch: Invited by UN Watch, Col. Kemp, former commander of British forces in Afghanistan, speaks on self-defense and war crimes. Tel Aviv, Aug. 3, 2014. Co-sponsors: Tel Aviv Int’l Salon & StandWithUS.

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Translator Well, I realize that is not politics (I needed a break) … sometimes I just like to mix things up a bit here at TRP. Anyone who knows me, knows I just love the M-14 rifle. The M-14 replaced … Continue reading

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Former SEAL Ben Smith on Obama Admin vs. Veterans: They’re Using Us – Want Us To Do Something [Video]

TranslatorBy: Arlen Williams Gulag Bound The Obamunists have been engaged in psyops warfare against our military veterans for years now. It may have even began with the DHS under Bush. Why? (Don’t you know why?) Video, “Former Navy Seal Ben … Continue reading

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You Can Play Call of Duty? That’s Cute!

Translator h/t: Seal of Honor

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Documentary: Australia’s Secret War

TranslatorLiveLeak This exclusive documentary, over three years in the making, follows investigative journalist and four time Walkley winner Chris Masters as he goes deep into the field with the Special Air Services Regiment, the SAS. The most comprehensive account of … Continue reading

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