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Gallery: Animals with Guns

TranslatorPanda ain’t got time to bleed! Squirrely on the Trigger Snipe Dawg SEAL Road Killer Hero Kitteh Goin’ Apeshit Kitteh Jihad Assault Turtle Chimp don’t want no help, chimp don’t get no help! Dog-faced Gunner Atomic Rabbit Chimp Eastwood Elephant … Continue reading

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Feel Good Story of the Day: La Trene … La Trene … PETA Crashes Biker Gathering

TranslatorThis story really warmed my heart when I ran across it (h/t: RightLinksBlog.com): What a wonderful coming together of two diverse groups! We need more gatherings where the idiot activists are given warm, moist, aromatic welcomes like this one. This … Continue reading

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