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Montana’s ‘Revolutionary Socialist’ Senate Candidate’s Unbelievably Awkward Interview

By: Brent Parrish The Democrat’s senate candidate for Montana, Amanda Curtis, appeared on local news channel KBZK-7 yesterday and drew a complete blank. Fortunately, for Ms. Curtis, the interviewer threw her a lifeline. Via Townhall.com: Believe it or not, this … Continue reading

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At Least Six States Will Fight Obama’s New Anti-Gun Rights Laws [Video]

Alabama, Missouri, South Carolina, Montana, Texas and Wyoming are all considering taking legislative action against the federal government in response to Obama’s anti-gun proposals. h/t: Gateway Pundit

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Montana State Lawmaker Asks to Be Paid in Gold

By KEVIN CIRILLI | 11/13/12 11:36 AM EST (Politico)—A Montana state lawmaker is asking that he be paid in gold coins because of his lack of faith in the U.S. dollar amid a rising deficit. Jerry O’Neil, a Republican just … Continue reading

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