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Italian Police Let ‘Er Rip against a Crowd of Rampaging ‘Refugees’

Italian police in Brescia demonstrate the proper technique for dealing with unruly “refugees.” h/t: Vlad Tepes Blog  

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Mount Etna Erupts in Italy; Mount Sinabung Erupts in Indonesia [Video]

YouTube/GlobalLeaks: Europe’s most active volcano, mount Etna, erupted once again Sunday showering rocks and ash onto nearby towns. Fortunately the eruption was not significant enough to force evacuations. Etna’s last major eruption occurred in 1992. YouTube/Channel 4 News: The Indonesian … Continue reading

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NSA Spying Angering European Allies

It appears the administration and the NSA is pissing off everybody these days, including our longtime European allies–France, Italy and Germany. Germany Read more at Breitbart.com … France French anger at American spying revelations Read more at Deutsche Welle … … Continue reading

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Danger Close: Huge Tornado in Italy [Video]

LiveLeak These Italians experience a close call by a huge tornado:

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Italian Scientists Sentenced to Six Years in Jail for Failing to Predict 2009 Earthquake

(Christian Science Monitor)–Rarely since a Catholic inquisition in Rome condemned Galileo Galilei to spend the remainder of his days under house arrest for the heresy of teaching that the Earth revolves around the sun, has an Italian court been so … Continue reading

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