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SMH: George Zimmerman & DMX

By Cap Black I thought this was a hoax until I researched it. Sadly, it’s not! A celebrity boxing bout ( proceeds slated to go to charity ) is being discussed between George Zimmerman and DMX. While a fan of the 2nd … Continue reading

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Vanilla Pancakes [Video]

Whiteboy Mac Lethal KILLS “Look At Me Now”: h/t: @LandonValentine

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Conservative Rapper G-Ski Rocks: Liberals Hate Me! [Video]

h/t: @nadraenzi #hoodconservative

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N-Word Ruled a ‘Term of Endearment’

(DAILYMAIL) — A rap-mad music fan who shouted n***** at a black man has walked free from court after magistrates agreed he had just been using ‘street slang’. Christopher Jones was arrested after he was overheard aiming the offensive word … Continue reading

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