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Coptic Christians Suffering Persecution in Southern Egypt as Islamists Take Over Whole Town [Video]

Translator Islamists in Egypt have torched an ancient Coptic monastery after taking over Dalga, a town in the south of the country. This is just the latest attack in a growing wave of persecution of Egypt’s Christians, who have been … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck Furious Over Coptic Christians Tragedy in Egypt: ‘Nazis Are Here, God Will Judge’ [Video]

Translator Glenn Beck grows emotional over the plight of Coptic Christians in Egypt and warns that God will hold everyone accountable for how we respond. Related: From Egypt: A Message from All Egyptians to Obama Bin Laden, Sponsor of Terrorism … Continue reading

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Egyptian Christians: Where Can They Turn To?

TranslatorBy: Staff Editor Voice of the Copts Dahshoor – Coptic Stores One solution for the Copts of Egypt is to give up their country and migrate to free and democratic states as the Egyptian Jews did years ago. I have … Continue reading

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