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MSNBC’s Resident Marxist Melissa Harris-Perry: All Your Kids Belong to Us [Video]

Translator On March 23, my colleague Mark Finkelstein noted how MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry considers the unborn child a “thing” which takes a “lot of money” to “turn into a human,” costing thousands of dollars to care for each year of … Continue reading

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On the Suffering of Innocents

Translatorh/t: First Things From David Bentley Hart’s Tsunami and Theodicy: Famously, Dostoevsky supplied Ivan with true accounts of children tortured and murdered: Turks tearing babies from their mothers’ wombs, impaling infants on bayonets, firing pistols into their mouths; parents savagely flogging … Continue reading

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Greg-alogue: The Children Are Our Future [Video]


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