Taqiyya: Foundation for Deception

Muslims are here to undermine and conquer our society, to dominate us and convert us to Islam or enslave us for the greater service of Allah. We look at everything as having a choice involved, an innate fairness, personal choice and the concept of free will. Not so with the Islamic world. Submission to the will of Allah, conquest in the name of Allah. The different variations of the word that describes the believers in Islam all come down to a root meaning slave. Muslims are literally slaves of Allah.

If you do not believe in their specific variation of Islam, but claim Allah as your God, you are either an apostate, heretic or even classed as a nonbeliever. It’s very much like Catholics not accepting Mormons as Christians, but times 10.

Moderate Muslims are not as common as they would have us believe. They do exist and are quite often the literate and urbane doctors, lawyers and other professionals we associate as the assimilated folks. BUT that is not always true…appearances are deceiving, as in the case of Maj. Hasan and others like him. If you remember the 70’s era in US/Soviet relations when Perestroika was the order of the day. Many in government and the military were concerned that the concept was actually Maskova or mask/hidden. This same concept accurately describes how Islam presents itself to the west, the Islamic Taqiyyah.

The Quran teaches that it is allowable for Muslims to literally deny their faith in order to protect themselves. Muslims who deny their faith will be forgiven as long as their true faith was not really shaken (i.e. their denial was a lie in the purest sense) and only if their denial of faith was for the purpose of avoiding harm (primarily while living among non-Muslims): Anyone who, after accepting faith in Allah, utters unbelief, except under compulsion, his heart remaining firm in Faith – but such as open their breast to unbelief, on them is Wrath from Allah, and theirs will be a dreadful Penalty.” -Surah 16:106

The Sunni Scholar, Ibn Kathir, elaborates on the meaning on this verse in his classic commentary on the Quran:

“This refers to a group of people who were oppressed in Mecca and whose position with their own people was weak, so they went along with them when they were tried by them… Allah tells them that after this, meaning after their giving in (to the non-Muslims by denying their faith) when put to the test, He will forgive them and show mercy to them when they are resurrected.

As long as a Muslim lives in a country where IsIam exists as a minority, in “a weakened state,” then deceptiveness is allowed. When challenged by non-Muslims to blaspheme Allah, they “went along with them.” The actual story of how the above verse was “revealed” to Muhammad is told thusly:

The nonbelievers arrested `Ammar Ibn Yasir and tortured him until he uttered foul words about the Prophet (Muhammad), and praised their gods and idols; and when they released him, he went straight to the Prophet. The Prophet said: “Is there something on your mind?” `Ammar Ibn Yasir said: “Bad news! They would not release me until I defamed you and praised their gods!” The Prophet said: “How do you find your heart to be?” `Ammar answered: “Comfortable with faith.” So the Prophet said: “Then if they come back for you, then do the same thing all over again.” Allah at that moment revealed the verse: “….except under compulsion, his heart remaining firm in faith… Surah 16:106”

So Muhammad actually encouraged Muslims to lie and blaspheme and deny their beliefs if it was going to protect them, as long as they were “comfortable with faith.” Ibn Abbas, the most renowned and trusted narrator of tradition in the sight of the Sunnis confirms this notion: “Taqiyya is (merely) the uttering of the tongue, while the heart is comfortable with faith.”

This is of course quite a contrast to the millions of Christians throughout history who have refused to renounce Christ and have accepted instead death and martyrdom.