Hegelian dialectic thinking defined (a.k.a. Soviet-style council tactics)

Posted on 20 Aug 2011 by Sard


I’ve always had an interest in “authority.” Who has authority and why? We all know there will always be those in authority over us. But, we, as Americans, freely elect our leaders. So, why is it that many of us feel tyrannized and demonized by those in authority over us now? What are the techniques and tactics being employed by the Left to dupe the masses into believing socialism is “cool?” Well, I’d be an arrogant fool to say I have all the answers; but I can say, with conviction, that much of it has its roots in Marxism.

I’ve blogged for a couple of years about the Left’s use of the “Hegelian Dialectic” to further their hidden political agenda. It’s a meaty topic, to be sure. It’s not easy to put in a nutshell, but here goes …

Hegelian dialectic thinking defined (a.k.a. Soviet-style council tactics)

  • A diverse group (“diversity” needed for conflict) …
  • Dialoging to consensus (dialectic process, i.e. squash dissent, introduce confusion) …
  • Over a social Issue (problem/crises/issues, i.e. immigrant “rights,” abortion “rights,” healthcare “rights,” gay “rights,” etc.) …
  • In a facilitated meeting (controlled environment using group facilitator/change agent, i.e. MSM, schools, government, churches, rallies, “staged events,” protests, etc.) …
  • To a predetermined outcome (paradigm shift, “fundamental transformation,” “transition”)

Sound familiar? Ever heard terms like “agent of change” or the “haves and have nots” being used by the liberal media? I know I sure have. It’s all straight from Hegel, Marx, Engels, Gramsci, Lukacs and the like.

I just read an excellent article by Robert Beaudine on this subject (see sources) and want to share a few quotes that I find quite poignant for our present circumstance as a nation. I highly recommend reading the article. It is very well-written.

“Lukacs, perhaps the most brilliant Marxist theorist of the 20th Century, was more discerning regarding mass uprisings. All the successful revolutions were engineered by a small cadre of intellectuals [Intelligent Minority]. In 1922, he met with the early Frankfurt founders for a week in Ilmenau, Germany. A year later, the Frankfurt School was conceived as a think tank that trained agents of change.

One of the directors, Max Horkheimer, developed Critical Theory as opposed to Traditional Theory. Critical Theory doesn’t offer any solutions. Instead, it criticizes in a concerted attack until it creates an atmosphere of crisis. Crises lead to changes opportunities to incrementally engineer society towards cultural Marxism….” (Emphasis mine.)

Remember Rahm Emmanuel’s words? Never let a good crisis go to waste?

Interestingly, it was Obama’s mother that left little Barry with his grandparents to go and study Critical Theory. The whole notion behind Critical Theory is to attack the culture from all sides simultaneously, i.e. movies, art, music, institutions, government, churches, schools, etc..

“They rebranded the foundational words. ‘Private property’ and ‘profit’ became selfish pursuits. ‘Individualism,’ ‘personal industry,’ and ‘self reliance’ became oppressive, as the world was divided into two types of people, ‘oppressors’ or ‘victims.’ Religion became the greatest evil a superstition that led to intolerance and war. Nationalism was the second greatest evil and also led to war….”

The other great evil, according to communism, is competition. Individuals who are self-starters and producers are seen as evil taskmasters who are “oppressing the masses.” This is exactly what we see coming out of the “Obama” regime–an all-out assault on capitalism itself. It’s really an all-out assault on the unalienable rights of the individual, in my opinion. It seems all we hear from the Left these days is the tiresome Proletariat (“the poor,” “the have nots”) versus the Bourgeoisie (“the rich,” “the middle-class,” “the haves”) Marxist rhetoric that pits one faceless mass against the other. Of course, Saul Alinsky brings a further division–“the have some, want mores.”

Madison and Marx do not mix, period. The antidote to the dialectic is moral certainty and the unalienable rights of the individual–ONE WORD: FREEDOM!


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