What I love about my best e-juice choices is the fact that they really express my personality in terms of personal taste, but they also give me focus. I love to write. I write for a living and as you can probably already tell, as somebody who works with words and who’s words are his life, imagination, creativity and possibility are in short supply.

Now you may be rolling your eyes because how can imagination be in short supply? There is such a thing as writers block. You can get into a particular space where it seems that the road ahead of you is very limited, narrow and ultimately too familiar. Let me tell you, there’s nothing scarier to a writer than the feeling that you are stringing along your words the exact same way again and again. It’s as if you’re incapable of saying something new.

This strikes terror to my soul. It really makes me shake in my boots and I can’t get those nightmare images out of my head because there goes my livelihood. The whole idea of being a writer is to take your imagination and open the doorways to creativity, possibility and potential so you can take different ideas and craft different words out of them. And as you combine these different words and thousands and thousands of different directions, you come up with something new.

You and I both know that thoughts are not new. Somebody might say something that seems new to you, but if you break down the logical structure of what they said, somebody has said it before. The reason for this is actually quite simple. The world isn’t really all that complicated. It seems complicated because we read in a lot of things into it, but ultimately, it falls into certain basic structures and there’s so many ways you can look at it.

What really makes it seem different is because different people have different ways of expressing what they see, touch, smell, taste and hear. Putting this all together, it all boils down to rendition. This is what’s so awesome about it.

Personal leisure can really become a great opportunity to recharge your mind in so many ways. This is what I do. I use my personal time to vape with my favorite e-liquid to allow the complicated and elegant combination of tastes both in my nostrils, nasal passages and my throat to transport me to different ways of connecting the dots between ideas.

I inhabit an industry where you’re paid not just by the number of words you produce, but by the quality of your ideas or at the very least, how seemingly new they are. So I never waste an opportunity to allow myself to be transported to a place where I can come up with many different thoughts and dress them up in many different ways so they can take the form of different words which express basically the same idea.

Please understand that as I mentioned earlier, the amount of original ideas out there are actually very limited. But the ways we can express them are limitless and beautiful and this is why I use my personal leisure time to use vape juice and other legal inputs to enable my mind to connect the dots in a very interesting, or at least novel enough way to impact the words that I commit on paper.  If you’re curious, I find that the best vape juice is on eliquid-depot.com.

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