I hate to admit it but I am a liberal. There, I said it. Now, here’s a little caveat. There’s so little qualification to that. I’m a liberal in the classical sense. There is such a thing as a modern liberal and a classical liberal.

Classical liberals believe that the government should stay out of our private lives. Classical liberals believe that when people are allowed to exercise a maximum amount of freedom, all sorts of positive things happen. Economies improve, jobs are created, standards of living go up and innovation spreads throughout a society.

Modern liberalism, on the other hand, is all about identity politics. Are you black? Then you’re supposed to believe certain things. Are you Asian? Then you’re supposed to believe certain things. Are you a woman? You’re supposed to believe certain things. The worst part to all of this is that they pit groups against each other, and the most common whipping boy, of course, is the white male.

Well, I’m a conservative but I’m not a white male nor am I rich as in the top 1% of 1%. However, I’m still a conservative because I believe that classical liberalism is what will continue to make America great, and the more we fall into the sexy siren song of big state intervention and the deceptive allure of “It takes a village to raise a child,” we end up in a bad spot.

If you need a good example, there’s a long list of examples, mind you. Just look at what happened to welfare in the United States. For the longest time, welfare was actually a temporary program. The government knew that people do get fired from their jobs, people go through a divorce and all sorts of problems. People get sick. So, there is a period of your life where you get brought down financially to your knees.

People understood that so they put together a system where people can temporarily take care of their financially issues until they can get back up to their feet and move up the middle class. Just because you’re down doesn’t necessarily mean you stay down.

Well, that was the original plan, and it worked for quite a while until the 1960s when the modern liberals said that poverty is a solvable problem. So, what they did they do? They poured the trillions of dollars into anti-poverty programs that were supposed to be temporary. Now, they’re permanent, and the people who enrolled in these programs are permanently poor, and they received government checks every two weeks.

Instead of making the problem go away, you made people dependent, and the worst part to this is they have become politically mobilized so they support liberals. In other words, people who are otherwise capable of being independent, accountable to themselves, having the skills and dreams necessary to really soar high in society tricked into thinking that receiving a welfare check is the best they can do. They are tricked into thinking that the government is the best thing since sliced bread.

What they fail to realize is that they are living an invisible prison, and the key is right in their hands. They’re unhappy. They’re not totally content, but they are afraid to change. They’re afraid of the automatic benefits. They are afraid of taking the risk. That’s the kind of mindset modern liberalism has put us in, and unfortunately leads to nowhere because it eats a lot of resources and, sooner or later, it will implode. We can only borrow so much money until the system is exposed for what it is. In other words, the emperor can run around naked only for so long until that little kid points him out to the crowd and says the emperor wears no clothes.

I want to end this piece with a paraphrase of Margaret Thatcher. She said in so many ways that socialism is a great idea until you run out of other people’s money. That is the dead-end of liberalism.