If you’ve been clicking through this website, you probably already know that this is a website that could use a lot of work. We readily admit this because this really just came up as a lark. Really. It’s an improvised website. I had a lot of friends over, and we were just having one of our common everyday heated debates about the social tissue of today.

Then somebody stood up and said, “Well, this is all good. It seems like everybody knows what they’re talking about. People can recite all sorts of facts to back up their claims. This looks great, but the problem is what are we going to do about it? We know what we stand for. We know what of issues are important. We also know that, by and large, people don’t really care and are too busy with their everyday lives.

“Accordingly, they need to be reached out to. They need to be educated so they can see that there are serious policy issues that need to be made. Otherwise, the consequences are going to blow up in our face. We’re already seeing that in many parts of society.”

That meeting was really tense. It’s like you can cut the tension with a butter knife. A pin would drop, and everybody in that house meeting would have heard it. So, I said, “Well, I develop websites for a living, why don’t we put up an online platform? We can kind of consider it like some sort of idea Pinboard.”

If you’ve been to a Pinboard website, you know that it’s just basically scraps of thought here and there, and people would expand on it. Kind of like Wikipedia but, of course, for conservatives and using a blog platform.

Pretty much everybody agreed that this is the direction to take. We have put together a blog because it’s easy to update. It also has many free online tools currently available. It also enables many authors to access the content at different times to put in updates and editions as they see fit.

Where do you come in? Well, actually you’re going to be the traffic cop of all this data input because oftentimes people make mistakes. Hey, we’re all human beings. That’s part of being God’s creatures. The only thing in the universe that is perfect is God. Everything else is imperfect. We are guilty as charged.

Imperfection runs deep, and there are many links that don’t work. So, if you spot them, do speak up. Fill out the form below so we can get to the bottom of the matter.

Furthermore, if you load a page and it seems that the content is not loading, we definitely need to know about this. Try to supply as many details as you can get. Try to let us know what you were doing before, after and during the issue that you are reporting. The more descriptive you are, the higher the chance that we will get a clear idea of what you’re talking about so we can solve the problem.

We look at this website really as a partnership between the content creators and the community. In fact, in our minds they are one and the same. Believe it or not the more you comment, the more you suggest and the more you try to help out, the better the content becomes, and the more content there is, the more engagement there would be from visitors.

It really is a two-way street. That’s how we like it because just like America is a two-way street between its people and its principles, this platform only will become richer and more meaningful when everybody steps up, rolls up their sleeves and contribute.

We’re not asking for money. Instead, we’re asking for something far more precious. We’re looking for your time. We want you to help us put together the best conservative blog on the Internet. I know this is quite a tall order. It definitely requires people to step up in so many levels, but we have so much faith in the American character and people from all over the world who want to take part in the American experience, and that’s why we are confident we will get there sooner rather than later.

Thank you for your support. Please fill out of the form below.