The right planet is an online forum and blog focusing on conservative takes on current events as well as US government policies. We firmly believe that the United States is the best country on the planet. We really believe that. We also believe that the United States is a one-of-a-kind country that is unprecedented in history. Sounds good so far, right?

Well, we also believe that this did not come about as an accident. There is such a thing as the US Constitution and the principles behind that constitution that help make this country great. If you read through the text of the Constitution, it doesn’t say that the United States is going to be a free market or capitalist country, but that’s what it turned out to become.

We believe that these flow into each other because when you focus on freedom and allow people to build a social contract based bees on mutual respect rooted in each other’s freedom, all sorts of progress are possible.

The government is not going to step in and take what you worked hard to build. The government is not going to step in and tell you the kind of life you should live. The government is not going to impose one religion on you and your family over others. These are personal decisions. These are parts of your personal realm.

The fact that the United States Constitution, for the longest time, enabled people to live pretty much whatever they wanted produced the necessary conditions for what we have now. We have one of the freest economies in the world. We definitely are the largest economy in the world.

This did not happen by government Fiat. It’s not like government stood up and said, “Okay, the United States is going to be the number one country in the world.” Instead, it’s the people themselves that did it, and this is what conservatives are fighting for because as more and more immigrant come to the country with a completely different point of view regarding the proper role of the state and the people, we run the risk of becoming another Europe.

Europe is not a fairy tale. Look at what’s happening in France and the United Kingdom, and it’s not a pretty site. These used to be amazing dynamic economies, and now they’re stuck with a perennially high unemployment rate thanks to the outsized government. A lot of people would point to Scandinavia and say, “Well, they have some of the highest human development index scores on the planet. What are conservatives talking about? Big government works.”

When you look at the level of innovation at Scandinavian countries and the tax rates that they have along with their economic growth rate, there’s a lot to be desired. Furthermore, when you look at their social welfare systems, a lot of their boosters pick a historical period before the rise of massive refugee immigration.

This immigrant wave is actually sucking up a tremendous of resources in social welfare systems built and designed for homogenous population. Don’t be surprised if places like Sweden and Norway start buckling under due to the huge financial strain of subsidizing people who do not want to assimilate.

It’s one thing letting in a lot of people who would quickly transform into doctors, lawyers, business consultants, business owners and otherwise turn into a productive middle class, but that’s hardly the case. There are actually generations of immigrants simply being content to live at a very low level on government assistance.

The United States is unique and it’s definitely worth fighting for because there is a massive debate going on. Are we going to remain true to our roots? Are we going to remain a country that focuses on freedom?

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t care with color of skin you are. I don’t care what part of the world you come from. If you come to America to be an American to continue of the tradition of freedom that made our country great in the first place, I welcome you with open arms provided that you lined up for that immigration spot the legal way.

However, if you come in here and you demand that you change the system to mirror the system wherever you came from, then we’re going to have a problem. Guess what? The thousands of people who visit this website every single day will have a problem with that vision.

If this is how you think, welcome home. You are definitely in the minority because a lot of the opinions that we share here are not welcome. In fact, a lot of the opinions that we voice here are dismissed as offensive, outdated, backwards. What they’re really trying to do is sensor us because they want a different agenda to be pursued by the government. We’re not going to let that happen, at least not without a fight.