Cuba: Before and After

Via USAHavana:

Two Cuba’s, two different political systems. Here you can be the judge of which one was more successful. Vintage footage that has been censored for over 55 years has finally been made available. See the images that the media has kept hidden for decades.

Some of the most ardent anti-communists that I personally know are people from Eastern Europe, South America and Cuba who have experienced firsthand the oppression, squalor and misery that is socialism. And yet the “useful idiots” in media, government, Hollywood, etc. continue to hold up Cuba as some sort of “workers’ paradise.” I find this utterly unconscionable. It doesn’t take that much effort to uncover the reality that exists in Cuba under communism to this very day.

But it’s easy to be a communist while sitting in your Hummer and your Ivory Tower.


A picture is worth a thousand words …




A month’s food ration for the ordinary Cuban citizen.




“Free Healthcare” in Cuba


Healthcare-Cuba-2 Healthcare-Cuba





Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has praised brutal Socialist Cuban dictator Fidel Castro as an “example for America.” Sanders in 1985: Castro “educated their kids, gave their kids health care, totally transformed society.” (Read more here).

See more “before and after” in Cuba here.


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