Bringing Down the System — Fighting Racism and Oppression with Racism and Oppression

By: Brent Parrish


Lately, I’ve been following German press and media more closely in order to gain a better understanding of the current political climate in Germany, especially as it concerns the Flüchtlingskrise (refugee crisis) in Europe.

The political climate in Europe is quite revealing in many ways. Whether it’s Britain, France, Italy, Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Germany, and so on, the citizens of these countries are treated to a constant barrage of far-left propaganda from their respective media outlets. There seems to be a common theme: anyone from a European nation that wishes to preserve their traditions and culture are simply “xenophobes” and “racists”—intolerant, right-wing extremists hellbent on resurrecting a frightening form of “ultra-nationalism” akin to the Third Reich.

The message is simple: you have no right to your culture and traditions, Europe, because you have no culture or traditions worth preserving. Furthermore, it is white European culture that is to blame for all the ills and injustices in this world, both past and present, according to the radical left.

Does any of this sound familiar?


We, too, in the United States, are treated to copious amounts of this sort of constant guilt-tripping and demoralization tactics. We hear it all the time from “progressive” (i.e. regressive) media that America is the most evil, horrible, wicked, greedy, intolerant, racist nation on earth. Besides, America, you have no culture or traditions—certainly, nothing worth saving, anyway. I mean, who would want to save the most evil, horrible, wicked, greedy, intolerant, racist nation on earth? If you do, you’re definitely a xenophobic, fascist racist.


Presently, many white people are being exposed and immersed in the concept of “white privilege,” especially young people. Apparently this “privilege” notion applies to all white people on the planet. Doesn’t matter whether you’re racist or not. The fact is you are racist, whether you like it or not, white people. Even white people who are not overtly racist are still racist, because they were born and raised in a society that is, in fact … raaaaacist! So, if you’re white, racism is built into your very DNA. You are cursed with racism, doomed forever to bow your head in eternal shame and despair for your utterly vile and despicable whiteness. White people have a monopoly on racism and hate, according to the progenitors of “white privilege.”

Of course, Americans have long been told by the far-left that “people of color” are incapable of being racist. It’s just not possible. Their DNA does not contain the racism gene—which has been proven by countless studies at our institutes for higher learning. So, fighting racism with yet more racism is not racist, if the racism is coming from “people of color” … since they can’t be racist … or something.


Dear whitey: Is the concept of “white privilege” just too hard for your little white, racist brain to grasp? More than likely it’s due to the fact that your racism clouds your judgement and cognitive abilities. As lifelong oppressors, you are intoxicated on the suffering of the oppressed. It’s hard to see your “whiteness” when you are white and racist (this has been confirmed by British researchers, by the way).

What to do?

You can start by “checking your privilege.” Grab your tissues and have a good cry over all the misery and suffering you’ve caused throughout history, white folks … every damn one you of you! Shame on you. You make me sick.


Punkazzz lil’ white boy crying ’bout his whiteness during MTV’s documentary “White People.”

Fortunately, there’s a solution: By denouncing your whiteness and privilege, it will be a great leap forward in helping to bring down the oppressive white power structures and racist institutions built upon the blood and bones of the proletariat. Only by heroically destroying the bourgeoisie, laissez faire capitalist system can the masses achieve true social justice and move forward toward eliminating all racial injustice, exploitation and oppression in the universe.

From destruction will arise a new dawn … a new androgynous, trans-humanism free of gender stereotypes and manslpaining … an audacious hope for Utopia … a dream dreamed by the dreamers of a workers’ paradise free from whiteness and Lynard Skynard, not to mention Texas. You will fish in the morning, hunt in the afternoon, and read poetry at night. *deprecated for animal cruelty* You will smoke weed in the morning, watch TV in the afternoon, and partay all night. The glorious State will wipe away all your tears, and provide for your every physical, emotional and spiritual need.

But, until then, check your “white privilege,” you devils. Be aware that everything you do is offensive to someone who is not white. And get to work! You’ve got some taxes to pay and some sensitivity training to attend … not to mention some hungry refugees to feed.

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