Post-Mortem: Glenn Beck vs. Grover Norquist

By: Brent Parrish

“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

—Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Full one-hour Glenn Beck interview with Grover Norquist

For the past few years now I’ve been posting articles and videos that raise serious and disturbing questions regarding Grover Norguist’s ties to Islamic radicals, known terrorists and Muslim Brotherhood front groups.

My interest in Grover’s Islamic connections was piqued when I heard Frank Gaffney, Jr. interviewed by conservative talk show host Greg Garrison a few years back. Mr. Gaffney stated that he had put together an in-depth, ten-part series that examined the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in America.

Frank Gaffney

Frank Gaffney

Over the course of a few nights I watched the entire ten-part series on the Muslim Brotherhood and its growing influence over the American political process. I was literally left stunned and shocked by the level of infiltration being alleged by Gaffney in his well-produced documentary.

Most disturbing, at least to me, was the infiltration of Islamic “agents of influence” within conservative groups—for example, the American Conservative Union (ACU) and CPAC. Although I am well aware deception and subversion are sanctioned by Islam, if it furthers the cause of Islam. There are even Islamic terms that define the type of deception that can be employed against the enemy according to the mission and/or circumstance—Taqiyya, Tawirya, Hudna, Kitman, Muruna, etc.

Employing deception and deceit against one’s enemies is certainly nothing new. The ancient military philosopher Sun Tzu outlined the use of subversion against the enemy as being preferable to all-out war in his famous treatise The Art of War. As Sun Tzu states, “All warfare is based upon deception.” The concept is simple: Why get beat up if you can take the enemy over without firing a shot?

Trust me, our enemies are well-aware of Sun Tzu’s maxims. It was required reading at Soviet military academies, not to mention our own. The Soviets were masters at disinformation and subversion. The primary work of the KGB (now the FSB) centered around efforts at subversion and influencing the government policies of their enemies in order to rot them out from the inside. Although the KGB engaged in espionage, most of their efforts focused on subversive activities.


Similarly, Islam has been using subversion and deception for the past 1,400 years. Islam doesn’t just fight its enemies on one front; they fight on multiple fronts simultaneously—meaning: economically, politically, religiously, culturally, militarily, and so on. So it should come as no surprise Islamic operatives would try and co-opt both sides of the political spectrum here in the United States.

In order to combat such deceit and subversive activity by Islamic agents of influence, one must be aware that it is occurring in the first place. What it really all boils down to is psychological warfare (i.e. psyops). But, psyops are only effective as long as the enemy is unaware that the tactic is being deployed against them. Once the strategy and process is exposed the tactic becomes ineffective.

When confronted with a stealth insurgency, the first order of business is to identify the enemy. Once identified, it becomes a matter of isolating and taking out the enemy, so to speak.

Saul Alinsky, in his book Rules for Radicals, describes a similar strategy for dealing with political opponents—Power Tactic #12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.

This bring us to the interview between Glenn Beck and Grover Norquist. Recently Glenn Beck started to take a deeper look at the murky Islamic connections Norquist has been involved with for years.

Initially Mr. Norquist rebuffed Glenn Beck’s request for an interview, claiming the allegations concerning his relationships with Islamic operatives and Muslim front groups was just a bunch of “adolescent nonsense.” But, Grover, for whatever reason, changed his mind and actually appeared on the Glenn Beck’s show for a full one-hour interview.

In my article from two days ago entitled “Glenn Beck and Grover Norquist Face Off,” I pointed out some of the key figures Grover Norquist has been associated with that are raising red flags. I had not watched the full one-hour interview with Norquist and Beck at the time I penned the piece.  But I have since watched the interview in its entirety; and I  took copious notes. Interestingly, the individuals of interest in my article were almost all the same characters Glenn Beck concentrated on in his recent interview with Grover Norquist.

Norquist tried to slough off his ties with known Muslim Brothers and Islamic front groups as just baseless smears, primarily coming from Frank Gaffney. Grover claimed that Gaffney just had a “beef” because he couldn’t get a job in government. Norquist also alleged Frank Gaffney previously had a beef with Brent Scowcroft  when he couldn’t land a spot in Bush forty-one’s administration. Huh. So, according to Norquist, Gaffney decided to cook up a big story about Grover having ties to known terrorists and Muslim Brotherhood front groups? Seems like a bit of stretch to me. But I digress.

Norquist continued to place all the blame and focus on Gaffney, going so far as to say he set up a website ( that supposedly refutes all the claims by Gaffney concerning Grover’s murky Islamic connections.

To his credit, Glenn Beck called out Norquist, asking him why he was engaging in demonization of Gaffney, as opposed to simply providing a rebuttal. Beck even mentioned Saul Alinsky’s “Power Tactic #12” and spelled it out for him. Grover appeared a bit befuddled by the question. His response was rather bizarre, too, stating he was thinking of writing a book called “Rules for Conservatives.”


Gaffney has already responded to Norquist. (Read  here.)

The fact of the matter is it just isn’t Frank Gaffney who has been shining a light on Norquist and raising alarm bells. There are many others, such as James Woolsey, Erick Stakelbeck, Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, David Horowitz, Michelle Malkin, Tom Trento, Patrick Poole, Lee Stranahan, Ryan Mauro, and major publications like The Wall Street Journal, Washington Times, Human Events, etc.—even little ole me.


Abdul Rahman al-Alamoudi

Norquist joined forces with Abdul Rahman al-Amoudi in the 90s to found the Islamic Institute, later renamed the Islamic Free Market Institute. Norquist is also connected with Khaled Saffuri, who worked with al-Amoudi for years. Saffuri is a co-founder of the Islamic Institute (II), and became II’s first executive director.

Khaled Saffuri

Khaled Saffuri

In October 2000, Abdul Rahman al-Amoudi attended an anti-Israel protest outside the White House that was sponsored by Norquist’s Islamic Institute. Speaking to a group of supporters, al-Amoudi declared his support for the terrorist organizations Hamas and Hezbollah. Abdul Rahman al-Amoudi is currently serving 23 years in a federal prison.

Norquist blamed one of his interns, claiming he wrote it up that way, thinking it was okay to sponsor the rally, but he was later told that it was not okay … or something. Honestly, it is hard to follow Norquist’s explanation at this point in the interview (at around the 9:00 min. mark) … or the logic, quite frankly.


Beck also questioned Norquist on his ties to Sami al-Arian, who was sentenced to 57 months in prison on one count of conspiracy to “make or receive funds … for the benefit of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.” Norquist claims that he and al-Arian simply found agreement in their position against using “secret evidence” in trials of non-citizens suspected in providing support or engaging in terrorist activities against the United States.

Beck reminded Norquist that Sami al-Arian had visited his offices. Norquist denied al-Arian was at his offices, which, according to Glenn Beck, contradicts a 2003 Wall Street Journal article.

James Woolsey

James Woolsey

Norquist curiously brings up the name James Woolsey, former head of the CIA (1993-1995), stating that both he and Woolsey were in agreement against “secret evidence.” Beck pointed out that he had recently spoken to James Woolsey, who stated Grover Norquist is a “very dangerous man.” In disjointed fashion, Norquist alleges he was just trying to help Woolsey with “some challenges he was having.” Grover added, “I would cheerfully like to talk to him about it.”

Regarding Norquist’s comments on Woolsey, Frank Gaffney wrote:

Glenn Beck probed Norquist’s work on behalf of al-Arian’s bid to prohibit so-called “secret evidence.” Norquist repeatedly insisted that his interest in repealing the authorization for the use of such evidence had nothing to do with al-Arian. He claimed instead to have been inspired to do so by former Director of Central Intelligence James Woolsey.

As it happens, Mr. Woolsey did not advocate repeal of the statute authorizing this practice. He simply sought to secure for defendants’ lawyers with appropriate security clearances an opportunity to review relevant classified material – but not the alien defendants themselves. Norquist, on the other hand, was pushing the position of his Brotherhood-tied Muslim friends: outright repeal of the statute in question. In fact, Norquist received an award for his “abolishment” efforts personally from Sami al-Arian himself. Contrary to Norquist’s assertion, Mr. Woolsey did not [receive] from al-Arian such an award.


Beck pointed to Norquist’s ties with Jamal al Barzinji—member of the American Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), Muslim Students Association (MSA), Muslim American Society (MAS) and the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT)—and how Grover had marched Barzinji into the Treasury Office at one time. Norquist shot back that Barzinji was just a fellow Republican … an Arab-American, and that Beck was simply trying to smear him. Beck reminded Norquist Barzinji was a member of the American Muslim Brotherhood.

Barzinji was also implicated in Operation Green Quest:

A major personality on the ground in Virginia is an individual named Jamal Barzinji, whose office in Herndon was a major target of the raids. In 1980, he was listed in local public records as a representative of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY), an arm of the Saudi regime with offices in Virginia. WAMY has been deeply involved in providing cover for Wahhabi terrorism. The 2002 entry in the U.S. Business Directory lists the president of the WAMY office in Annandale, Va., as Abdula bin Laden–the terrorist’s younger brother.

According to Glenn Beck, federal prosecutor Gordon Kromberg had a draft indictment of 116 counts of money laundering and tax fraud. Kromberg headed up the U.S. Treasury Task Force (i.e. Operation Green Quest) which probed into a number of Islamic “charities,” including Barzinji’s, over a period of eleven years. Norquist countered, that despite an eleven-year investigation at an alleged cost of $150 million, the probe failed to uncover any wrongdoing. But Beck pointed out that Attorney General Eric Holder shut down Operation Green Quest.

Curiously, Gordon Kromberg succeeded in getting al-Almoudi’s sentence reduced from 23 to 16 years.

Suhail Kahn

Suhail Kahn

Beck also questioned Norquist on his relationship with Suhail Khan, asking Grover if they were friends. Norquist hesitantly answered, after being asked a second time, saying, “Sure, I like him … He works for Microsoft … And he worked at the White House.”

Suhail Khan’s parents are connected with the Muslim Brotherhood, and were friends with with Abdul Rahman al-Alamoudi and the “Blind Sheik.” According to Beck, the “Blind Sheik” visited Suhail Khan’s parents just prior to 9/11.

In conclusion, I think the interview was quite revealing. And I think it raises even more questions than it answers. Glenn Beck told Norquist that he must be the “unluckiest guy alive” to have just accidentally come into contact with so many unsavory and dangerous individuals. I would tend to agree with that assessment. And like Frank Gaffney wrote in his response to Beck’s interview with Norquist, it appears Grover is willing to play the part of “useful idiot.” But Grover Norquist is no idiot. So it all doesn’t wash with me.

Grover tried to employ what I call the “Hillary Defense”—meaning: what difference, at this point, does it make? We just need to move on … It happened 10 to 15 years ago … We need to move forward … and so on. Well, it’s like a cold case. When something is not resolved, and many unanswered questions remain, then it is still relevant today. I’ll “move on” when the matter gets cleared up. Until then, I’ll still be asking questions, as I know many others will as well.

Something still stinks in Denmark.


Frank Gaffney’s Response to Grover Norquist:


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