The FSB Is the KGB

Moscow's Federal Security Bureau (FSB) building, the Lubyanka, where for decades was the headquarters of the Russian secret service's notorious predecessor, the KGB.

Moscow’s Federal Security Bureau (FSB) building, the Lubyanka, where for decades was the headquarters of the Russian secret service’s notorious predecessor, the KGB.

By: Brent Parrish

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been researching the murky circumstances surrounding the death of a Russian FSB (formerly KGB) agent, Alexander Litvinenko,  who defected to England back in 2006. I was following the plight of Litvinenko back in 2006 via main-stream news articles and reports. But, as usual, in retrospect, it’s always amazing what the networks choose not to report, and what I’ve since discovered.

When Litvinenko defected to Britain, Putin was in power in Russia. Interestingly, Putin was FSB director from 1998 to 1999. Litvinenko wrote a book titled Blowing Up Russia: Terror From Within that implicated the FSB (formerly KGB) in a series of explosions in September 1999 that rocked four apartment blocks in the Russian cities of Buynaksk, Moscow and Volgodonsk, killing 293 and injuring 651 people. Several other bombs were reportedly discovered in other locations and defused.

One of the discovered bombs was located in the basement of an apartment flat in the Russian city of Ryazan, located approximately 122 miles southeast of Moscow. The whole Ryazan incident raised some very disturbing questions about who was behind the bombings. There is some rather damning evidence revealed by Livitnenko and others that points strongly to possible FSB involvement in the bombings—state-sponsored terror aimed at Russian citizens.

A documentary written and directed by Yuri Felshtinsky and Alexander Litvinenko was briefly broadcast on Russian television (watch here) at the time. But Litvinenko’s book and documentary were eventually banned in Russia. (I’ll have much more in an article later this week on the Litvinenko affair, and his claim Ayman al-Zawahiri was a trained Russian asset.)

Another KGB defector, Anatoliy Golitsyn, published two book in the 1980s, New Lies For Old and The Perestroika Deception. Golitsyn predicted, at the time, that the fall of the Berlin Wall would merely represent a symbolic end to the fall of Soviet Communism; it would represent a phony end to the so-called “Cold War.” New terms were ushered in—glasnost (“openness”) and perestroika (“restructuring”), for example—and were constantly disseminated throughout the U.S. and Russian media networks to prepare the respective populaces to accept a significant reordering of power—a “new order,” if you will.

One of Golitsyn’s predictions was communism would put on a “happy face,” and feign the dismantling of the Soviet empire and its embrace of “democracy.” But, in reality, none of the communist goals of the Russian regime changed—just restructured, i.e. perestroika.

A perfect example of how nothing has really changed with the state security apparatus in the “former” USSR is exemplified by a page appearing on the official FSB website. The FSB website contains a link to a list of brief biographies of their former FSB “leaders” The list includes such notables as the notoriously cruel Felix Dzerzhinsky, the unusually brutal Nikolai Yezhov, the sadistic pervert and mass murderer Lavrentiy Beria, former Soviet leader Yuri Andropov and … Vladimir Putin.

Despite the fact the KGB has rebuilt itself into the FSB, it is still the same old KGB headquartered in the same old Lubyanka Building in Moscow.

Brief Biographies of FSB (KGB, Cheka) Leaders from the FSB Web Site



Chairman of the Cheka since December 20, 1917. 
Chairman of the GPU-OGPU in February 1922.


Yakov Peters

Chairman of the Cheka in July and August 1918.


Menzhinsky VYACHESLAV R.

Chairman of the OGPU from July 1926.



The People’s Commissar of Internal Affairs of the USSR from July 1934. 
The Commissioner-General of State Security since October 1935.


Nikolai Ivanovich Ezhov

The People’s Commissar of Internal Affairs of the USSR in September 1936. 
The Commissioner-General of State Security since January 1937.


BERIA Lawrence P.

The People’s Commissar of Internal Affairs of the USSR in December 1938in 1946,and from March to June 1953.


Vsevolod Nikolayevich Merkulov

The People’s Commissar of State Security of the USSR in February 1941to July 1941,and from July 1943in 1946.



Minister of State Security of the USSR from 1946 to 1951.


Semyon Denisovich Ignatiev

Minister of State Security of the USSR from 1951 to 1953.



Minister of Internal Affairs (MVD united and MGB into a single Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR) in June 1953to January 1956.


Ivan Aleksandrovich Serov

Chairman of the KGB of the USSR in March 1954to December 1958.



Chairman of the KGB of the USSR in December 1958to November 1961.


Sevenfold Vladimir E.

Chairman of the KGB of the USSR from 1961 to 1967.



Chairman of the KGB of the USSR from 1967 to 1982.



Chairman of the KGB of the USSR from May to December 1982.


Chebrikov Victor M.

Chairman of the KGB of the USSR in December 1982.



Chairman of the KGB of the USSR since 1988to August 1991.


Bakatin Vadim

Chairman of the KGB of the USSR in August 1991to January 1992.


BARANNIKOV Viktor Pavlovich

Minister of National Security of the Russian Federation in January 1992to September 1993.


Golushkov Nikolay

Director of Federal Russia since December 1993to February 1994.


Sergey V. Stepashin

Director of FGC , the FSB of Russia in February 1994to June 1995.



Director of the FSB of Russia in July 1995to June 1996.


Nikolai Kovalyov

Director of the FSB of Russia in July 1996to July 1998.


Vladimir Putin

Director of the FSB of Russia in July 1998 to August 1999.



Director of the FSB of Russia in August 1999. to May 2008.


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