Brazil Elects Regurgitated Communist Terrorist for President


By: Alex Newman
The New American

Between confiscating land from its owners at gunpoint and collaborating with the world’s most ruthless despots in the ongoing conquest of Latin America for socialism, supposedly “moderate” Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff (shown) found time to rally the troops and re-affirm her alliance with Marxists at the Communist Party of Brazil’s 13th Congress. Virtually nobody noticed it — especially in the establishment press — but the dramatic scene featuring the radical Brazilian leader speaking next to giant posters of Karl Marx and mass-murdering Soviet dictator Vladimir Lenin was captured on camera and posted online.

The crowd at the Communist Party (PCdoB) summit, which took place late last week under the banner “to advance in change,” certainly loved the spectacle. As President Rousseff, a key figure in the extreme “Workers’ Party” (Partido dos Trabalhadores, or PT), approached the podium, the Communist Party zealots stood up, clapped their hands above their heads, chanted, and cheered. “The Communist Party of Brazil, it’s good to say, was the only party, aside from the PT, which stood beside [former Brazilian President and fellow PT leader Luiz Inacio ‘Lula’ da Silva] in all of the elections since 1989,” Rousseff told the roaring crowd before her remarks were drowned out by hysterical chanting. She also celebrated communist terrorists and the deep bonds between her party and the communists, who she said were fighting “the good battle” on behalf of the people of Brazil.

Critics of the Brazilian president, who are working to expose her extremism and the role she plays in the ongoing conquest of the region for socialism, said the video showed Rousseff’s true colors. “The ideology that Dilma and her guerilla comrades tried to foist on Brazil in the 1960s, and are now trying to impose through peaceful schemes, has become very clear,” noted a Brazilian Judeo-Christian anti-communist group known as Right Now in comments about the video. “We are walking toward a dictatorship of the proletariat.”

Renowned Brazilian philosopher and conservative author Olavo de Carvalho, meanwhile, made similar observations about what is going on in Brazil in the wake of last week’s events. “Whoever still believes in the possibility of unseating the PT in elections, do the math: The left conquered cultural hegemony in the 1960s,” he noted. “They came to power by elections in 2003. The ‘right’ barely dares to dream of future cultural hegemony. If it can be re-conquered by around 2030, maybe [the right] could reach power by 2070, if communism has not consolidated power to the point of prohibiting all electoral competition.”

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Dilma and the PT* are not communists?

This is the YouTube description that I attempted to decipher using Google translate:

Dilma Rousseff, speaking at the 13th Congress of the PC do B [Communist Party] on November 15, 2013: the day of the proclamation of the republic and the arrest of [the mensaleiros]. The ideology that [Dilma] and her guerilla comrades tried to foist on Brazil in the 60s, and are now trying to impose through peaceful schemes, has become very clear. We are moving towards a dictatorship of the proletariat.

*The acronym PT stands for Partido dos Trabalhadores in Portuguese, which translates to “Workers Party.”


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