MSNBC Guest: Leave ISIS Alone!!!

Leftwing nutjob (hasthtag: #LWNJ) Phyllis Bennis is very concerned we’re unfairly demonizing satanic ISIS butchers. Huh. Kinda hard to demonize something that’s already demonic, but hey!

Hey, I don’t want the U.S. to “demonize” ISIS terrorists, I want the U.S. to kill them all.

Via SooperMexican:

I love when Phyllis Bennis joins the Melissa Harris Perry crackhead show, because she always ramps up the stupidity. In this clip, she responds to Bobby Ghosh who describes ISIS in an analogy to animals and garbage, which very much offends Phyllis. The very language is a “demonization” that her dainty liberal stomach just can’t handle.

Yeah, I dunno lady, when you find a group of bloodthirsty pig-dogs who are slaughtering and crucifying people because they won’t convert, I think “demonizing” them is not really a big problem.

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