The Radical Left’s ‘Islamophobic’ Reaction to the Hobby Lobby Ruling


By: Brent Parrish

Last week was a bad week for the Obama Administration, but a good week for the Constitution. The Supreme Court slapped down the administration’s overreach in no uncertain terms—from illegal recess appointments to free-speech buffer zones to warrantless cellphone searches.

But the one decision that has really sent the Democrats into apoplectic fits is the Hobby Lobby ruling.


The U.S. Supreme Court went out with a bang on Monday, ending its 2013-2014 term with Justice Samuel Alito’s majority opinion in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc., in which the Court held that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act violated federal law by placing a substantial burden on the exercise of religion when it required two “closely held” private corporations to cover certain forms of birth control in their employee health plans.

So what has the lefties in such a tizzy over Hobby Lobby?

Immediately following the SCOTUS’ ruling, I decided to take a look at some far-left web sites to see what they were saying about the Hobby Lobby decision.

The George Soros-funded Media Matters ominously warned that the Hobby Lobby ruling could “undermine the fight against HIV/AIDS.”

The far-left rag Mother Jones claims the Hobby Lobby ruling is the new “Bush v. Gore.”

The left-wingers at Think Progress managed to snag an interview with an alleged social worker leaving a Hobby Lobby store in Laurel, Maryland. According to the TP article, the woman interviewed wasn’t fully-versed on the particulars of the Hobby Lobby ruling.

This is how the TP crew explained the case to the social worker:

We explain the case to her, briefly: the Supreme Court ruled that business owners with religious objections to birth control may defy federal rules requiring most employers to include contraceptive care in their health plans.

Note how the Think Progress crew insinuates that even though the Supreme Court has ruled Hobby Lobby is not required to provide abortifacients to its employees, they are defying federal rules. Think about that. If the Supreme Court has ruled in Hobby Lobby’s favor, how is that they are defying federal rules?

The unhinged reaction by the hard-left to the ruling is all over the map—from HIV/AIDS patients dying to comparisons to Bush v. Gore. Opponents are claiming the SCOTUS’ decision is a “slippery slope.” That’s an interesting choice of words.

Those who are familiar with logic and rhetoric may recognize the hyperbolic claims being made by the radical left are extreme, to say the least. Rhetorically speaking, the slippery slope argument is a logical fallacy. As a matter of fact, the Hobby Lobby ruling, and the left’s reaction to it, provides a great example of a “slippery slope” argument in action.


If Hobby Lobby does not provide free abortifacients to its employees, women will lose all of their rights; they will be reduced to dying in back-alley abortions by the millions.

So, the left is right, so to speak: it is a slippery slope, to be sure … and they’re sliding down it at breakneck speed. It’s all based on another well-known logical fallacy: appeal to emotion.

Let’s just start at the beginning, shall we?

From what I understand, Hobby Lobby pays its employees a minimum of $14 per hour, plus they have a generous benefits package, including 16 different kinds of contraceptives for its female employees. To my way of thinking, if you don’t like the benefits at Hobby Lobby, then find another job. The sense of entitlement displayed by those protesting the Hobby Lobby decision is simply mind-blowing.

The real issue is the conflation of contraception and abortion. To the radical left, abortion and contraception are one and the same. But to those who do not believe in abortion, or have religious objections to it, there is a huge difference between contraception and abortion.

Nobody dies when they use a condom or an IUD—nobody gets killed. I realize that those who promote abortion seem to believe that an unborn child is nothing more than a “blob of tissue,” i.e. “non-viable flesh.” But the reason abortion is such a hot-button topic is due to the fact that many believe abortion is murder. This is also the reason I believe the left has made abortion a such an integral part of their platform; they know it’s an incredibly divisive issue. Pitting one group against the other is what the radical left does best. Abortion fits the bill.

So the bottomline is that contraception and abortion are not one and the same, as the left would want us all to believe. Once again, nobody dies are a result of using contraception. Contraception is not synonymous with abortion. They are two separate issues. The radical left is attempting to minimize abortion by claiming it is just another form of contraception.

If one just examines the words used, one can clearly discern that contraception and abortion are not one and the same. The word contraception means to prevent the conception of life. Abortion is the ending of a life that has already (obviously) been conceived.

The fearmongering concerning Burwell v. Hobby Lobby is really something to behold. My take: the scaremongering is all done to gin up the left’s base. And from what I understand, the Democrats have raised quite a bit of money from it all.

There is also a lot of piggybacking of other issues on top of the Hobby Lobby ruling as well. But this is nothing new for the radical left. Stacking other issues on top of one issue is what I would call the hard-left’s comprehensive approach to political discourse.


Now you might be wondering why I titled this article “The Radical Left’s Islamophobic Reaction to the Hobby Lobby Ruling.” Well, I decided to save the best for last. Hillary Clinton, and other liberal sycophants, denounced the Hobby Lobby ruling as being something akin to “Sharia Law.”


It’s funny how anytime folks like myself have warned about the dangers of Islamic Sharia Law we are accused of being “Islamophobic” by the radical left. But following the Hobby Lobby decision the radical left is now crying “Sharia Law!”

Huh. Imagine that. Go figure.

Talking about a slippery slope! Let’s just get real here. To compare the Hobby Lobby ruling to Islamic Sharia law is about the epitome of absurd extrapolation, i.e. slippery slope. The extreme elements on the left call not having their abortions paid for by their employers a “war on women.” Yet the hard-left is strangely silent about Muslim women being stoned for adultery, or female circumcisions, or forcing young girls into marriages with abusive and violent old men.

Sharia law? Really!?

Here’s an example of Islamic Sharia law: if a woman is raped in an Islamic society that enforces Sharia law, and she reports it, she will be required to provide four male eyewitnesses, otherwise the woman will be found guilty of adultery.

Q. What’s the punishment for a Muslim woman found guilty of adultery?

A. Stoning, i.e. execution.

Now how many times in a rape scenario are there four male eyewitnesses? If there were four men present to observe the crime, they were, more than likely, participating in the crime. So most Muslim women never report rape; they just suffer; they live in hell. Now, that’s what I call a “war on women.” There’s your oppression.

Oh, but no! The radical left-wingers call anyone pointing out the evils inherent in Islamic Sharia law “Islamophobic.” Yet, at the same time, the left calls the SCOTUS decision on Hobby Lobby “Sharia law.” That is, truly, without a doubt, an absurd extrapolation that goes beyond absurd. And there’s a certain maliciousness in all of it, isn’t there!

If every issue is no-win scenario with the radical left, then they have no intention of having an intellectually honest debate. Their only intent is to take power for power’s sake alone. When you’re dealing with people who constantly make impossible demands, then you can’t negotiate with them; you can only defeat them.

On a sidenote, I wonder if Huma knows about Hillary’s Islamophobia?


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