Bill Maher’s Bulls**t

By: Brent Parrish

One of the reasons why I don’t post much on the unhinged daily rantings of socialist-loving agitators like Bill Maher, Chris Matthews, Ed Schultz, and the like, is I believe their whole schtick is simply an orgy of gluttonous ad hominem, served fresh with platefuls of red herring and non sequitur, for the express purpose of setting up straw man and gotcha arguments, in order to put the accused into an unfavorable light, no matter how they may respond.

It’s a veritable logical fallacy feast, ya’ll!

From my point of view, characters like Bill Maher are just purposefully employing logical fallacies to score points with their socialist-loving and LoFo (low-information) loyal viewers. Unfortunately, in my opinion, it can be quite effective at influencing public opinion at the socio-cultural level, especially with the sheeple … who are exposed to copious amounts of collectivist propaganda–courtesy of the socialized educational system and a sycophantic media. The pitting of one group or individual against the other is a politically motivated and constant theme with the Maherons of the world.

Bill Maher et ilk are the sorts who say, “Don’t look over here at the real problem, look over there, and … oh, by the way, did I tell you the TEA Party is racist?!” I mean, Maher is a comedian, you know. Although I do realize that is up for debate. But I digress, ladies and gentlemen.

Purposefully using ridicule for politically inspired motives could be viewed as a stimulus-response thing (search: Pavlov + Dog), in my opinion. And one way to stimulate something is to agitate it–shake it up, mix it up, poke at it, prick it, nudge it, polarize it, personalize it, demonize it, marginalize it, ad nauseum (another logical fallacy). The agitator–or Maheron, in this example–hopes this vituperative tactic will start an endless back and forth between the accuser and the accused. This serves a very useful function for the socialist agitator, i.e. accuser: it deflects from any discussion or examination  of the grounds or merits of an argument, if the accused allow themselves to get caught up in all of the muck and mire. Does it not? My beloved readers?

So let’s just examine Maheron’s assertions, shall we? Our lovable friend Bill asserts that since AIG, Government Motors (i.e. GM), and a few other too-big-to-fail corporations, have allegedly paid back all, or most (according to Maheron), of the loans provided by federal stimulus funds, this is indisputable proof socialism works and the TEA Party is racist. The implication being, that since Barack Obama is a black socialist championing massive bail-outs for large corporations, the TEA Party is in denial over the alleged success of the president’s massive spending policies–all because dear leader is black … or something. Of course, these are the same people who decry corporate welfare while lauding corporate welfare. It’s a no-win scenario, my babies.

That’s why it was good to hear a guy like Bill Kristol, who I have my own issues with from time to time, just come right out and call “bullshit!” Folks like Bill Maher have been trying to smear the TEA Party as racist since day one. One must ask themselves why the Maherons of the world are so desperate to create something that just isn’t there. Could it be that they cannot not debate the merits of the argument concerning the destructive collectivist policies of a one Barack Obama and his minions–policies they wholeheartedly support?

This “TEA Party is racist” lie the socialists keep pushing goes all the way back to the run-up on the vote for the Healthcare bill–when former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, with her giant gavel in tow, arrogantly marched arm-in-arm with her Democrat comrades into a crowd of mostly white TEA Party supporters–an obvious attempt at goading the crowd. Why else would a group of congressional Democrats march arm-in-arm sporting a giant gavel amongst a group of people protesting their draconian healthcare legislation if it was not to illicit some sort of negative reaction or hostile response?

But the ploy to incite the TEA Party protesters didn’t quite pan out they way Pelosi and her leftist cabal had hoped. So Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) started to make the fallacious claim he was assaulted with the N-bomb by the crowd he was purposefully trying to agitate in the first place. To date, there has been no evidence to support Lewis’ claim. As a matter of fact, at the time, the late Andrew Breitbart offered $10K to anyone who could provide proof Rep. John Lewis was indeed called a “n*gger” by a TEA Partier in the crowd. Breitbart later raised the reward to $100K. To this day, no one can substantiate Lewis’ accusations, yet apparatchiks like Bill Maher continue to pimp their “TEA Party is racist” meme.

Oh, but Maheron didn’t stop there. Our lovable little socialist whoremonger went on to make the absurd claim that George W. Bush spent more than Barack Obama has during his time in office. This is how folks like Bill Maher attempt to score political points with their base–hit their opponents with a fusillade of lies, prevarications and logical fallacies … to the point where the accused is drowning in fallacious talking points and stinging barbs, then declare “victory.” Gotcha!

So how does one deal with this sort of assault on truth, logic and decency? What do you do when a guy like Bill Maher insists on “bearing false witness against thy neighbor” and pushing lies as truth via progressive talking points (more than likely disseminated through the Media Matters and Think Progress websites)? Although, if I might digress, you can stay ahead of liberal talking points by regularly visiting the Communist Party USA ( website and reading the People’s World Daily. Or visit Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), since they’re the real shakers and movers of progressive slash socialist slash communist policy in Washington, D.C. these days. If you want to know what the White House and the dems are going to do next … now you know. But I digress, comrades.

The fact of the matter is Barack Obama has run significantly higher deficits than George W. Bush ever did. When dear leader puffs out his imperial chest and takes credit for cutting the deficit in half, he’s talking about his own damn deficit! Which is still much higher than George Bush’s deficit spending ever was.


Secondly, President Obama has never passed a budget during his entire time in office and has added nearly $7 trillion of new debt. All the while shilling for a massive new entitlement (a.k.a. Obamacare), and incessantly demanding even more stimulus spending (a.k.a. “investment”).  In the little more than five years of the Obama presidency, the U.S. has accumulated as much new debt as it did in its first 227 years (source: CNS). But Bush spent more … yeah … right, Maheron.


What is amazing to me is Bill Maher and his audience are openly cheering and shilling for socialism; they make no bones about it. Yet it is the Maherons of the world who get their progressive pinko panties all up in a really tight wad whenever a so-called right-winger calls Bill Maher or Barack Obama a Marxian socialist. Although in Barack Hussein Obama’s case, I think it would be more accurate to describe him as a Marxist-Leninist. Maybe that’s what Bill Maher is upset about; we got the labeling wrong. But I digress (I do that a lot).

I fail to see why Bill Maher and his obsequious, unctous ilk cry foul when they are labeled socialists, while at the same time claiming socialism works, and the TEA Party is racist because they don’t support Barack Obama’s socialist policies. I’m starting to choke on all the logical fallacy, once again. But, you’ll have that with this progressive bunch.

Unfortunately, I’m coming to the unhappy conclusion that religiously devoted progressives, i.e. socialists, like Bill Maher et al. will never really grasp the destructiveness of socialist policies until the hen comes home to roost. And it surely will.

What the Maherons are cheering for is a nation where over half the populace does not pay taxes, while the lesser half pays all the taxes. But within the smaller half of taxpayers, the progressives sub-divide the “petty bourgeoisie,” i.e. middle class, still farther, creating a situation where the top 1% tax bracket pays a substantial majority of all income taxes. Yet the Maherons consistently and constantly hurl invective at the so-called one-percent, accusing them of being greedy and selfish–deserving of the greatest disdain. I cannot think of a more poignant example of one cutting their nose off to spite their face as this sort of deranged circular reasoning (another logical fallacy).


I’m more than happy to sit down and have an intelligent, respectful debate with someone who has an opposing viewpoint. As a matter of fact, I welcome it. Often times, it is when I am able to engage in true debate or constructive dialog that I end up learning the most about myself and others. If I can’t defend my position with truth and logic, then maybe I need to review my position. But when I sit down with a Maheron, and the only thing that spews forth from their twisted, overpaid socialist piehole are lies, prevarications and half-truths, then I’m going to simply call it what it is: bullshit!



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