David Carroll: Angry Blacks Confront DNC/MSNBC Slave Al Sharpton

David Carroll has some strong words for black liberals, and white liberals too. Carroll refers to a video I posted here a little while back, which I have included below the screencaps (Carroll has disabled embedding of his videos, so just click on the screencaps to watch the vids on YouTube).

Pt. 1


Pt. 2


Carroll’s sentiments remind me of a conversation I had with a black man who wrote regularly for our local paper. Unfortunately, I can’t recall his name. It was several years ago when I wrote to him concerning an op-ed he had written. But his points were similar to David Carroll’s regarding the plight of blacks in America. I want to say the man’s first name was Mark. So for the sake of clarity I will refer to him as “Mark.”

Mark was of the belief that the breakdown of morals and the traditional family unit were taking a devastating toll on black Americans. One thing I pointed out to Mark in my letter to him was that I believed it really wasn’t a black or white thing per se, but rather an issue of bad behavior. I also pointed out that the issue of bad behavior is no respecter of skin color. Bad behavior exists in every ethnic group–black, white, red and yellow. No matter where you go in this world there are those who behave badly. I told Mark that I had seen plenty of white folks (and every other “folk” in between) acting just as badly and suffering similar consequences, due to their moral and spiritual bankruptcy. Trust me, I’ve lived it and I’ve seen it firsthand.

I feel very strongly about not making the matter of bad behavior a racial issue. Instead, I believe the focus should be on the character of the individual. It is not an us versus them issue, but rather a “we” and “us” issue. Mark and I had a very cordial exchange of emails. And I think we would both consider each other friends at this point. He seemed to genuinely appreciate my views on the matter, as I appreciated his views.

Of course, a black man or woman is naturally better qualified to speak to other blacks on issues that effect blacks. But we all live in the same country. We all need to get along. But that will never, ever happen as long as we keep dividing ourselves along racial lines.

Unfortunately, the Progressive Left knows nothing else but dividing Americans along the lines of race, class and gender; they are obsessed with such divisions; it is their modus operandi—black against white, man against woman, straight against gay, right against left, etc.

But I’m heartened to see a number of blacks, and others, starting to wake up to “machine politics” and the intensely racist past of the Democratic Party. Nothing has really changed with the Democrats in this regard, despite their rhetoric contrary; they are still fomenting division and strife to this day, all in an effort to keep everyone on their “liberal plantation.”

Enough is enough. It’s time for Americans to unite, regardless of ethnicity, against those who would forever keep us divided by race, class and gender.



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