Is the President a Malignant Narcissist?


By Brent Parrish
The Right Planet

Is our president a narcissist? Moreover, is the president a malignant narcissist? What’s the difference between a narcissist and a malignant narcissist? One word: malevolence.

Years ago, I watched a very compelling documentary about the life of Saddam Hussein that delved deep into the psychological makeup of the late Iraqi dictator. The primary source for the documentary was Gerrold Post, a forensic psychiatrist and former CIA profiler, who attempted a psychological assessment of  Saddam from afar.

What is a forensic psychiatrist? Psychiatrists and psychologists strongly prefer to meet with their clients face-to-face in a formal setting to conduct their assessments and evaluations. But, of course, in the case of Saddam Hussein, the opportunity for a Western psychiatric professional assessing the Iraqi dictator in a formal setting was not a realistic scenario.

A forensic psychiatrist must try and piece together an accurate psychological assessment without being able to interview and evaluate the client in person. This means the forensic psychiatrist must try and learn as much as possible about the subject’s behavior and psychological condition by examining their writings or videos; interviews with friends, family, acquaintances, subordinates and victims–anything they can get their hands on to help them determine patterns of behavior.

Dr. Jerrold Post’s final assessment of Saddam Hussein was that he was a malignant narcissist–a person who thrives on adulation but has no compassion or empathy for the suffering of others.

Additionally, a malignant narcissist is obsessed with their own lofty ideas and has no interest in cooperating with others–only their own power and prestige matters to them. One of the most concerning aspects of a true malignant narcissist is their intense unwillingness to ever let go of the reins of power. I’ll always remember what Dr. Post said regarding the malignant narcissist (paraphrase): “There is no worse leader a people can have than a malignant narcissist.”

So, naturally, this brings us back to Barack Hussein Obama. Is the president a full-blown malignant narcissist? Well, I’m not qualified to make such an assessment. I can only go from what I’ve read from people like Dr. Gerrold Post and others. Certainly, a number of people have pointed out the tendency of Barack Obama to focus the spotlight on himself at all times, even when it is not appropriate–when the focus should be on others … like at a memorial service, for example.

Furthermore, Peggy Noonan reported a few months ago White House staffers refer to the president as “Obam-me.” They describe a president who is coldly detached and obsessed with his own lofty ideas–disinterested in any debate or input from others.

The most disturbing thing, to me, about Barack Obama is his startling detachment from the suffering of others. For example, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (i.e. Obamacare) is resulting in millions of Americans losing their private insurance plans. Some of these people are terminally ill children, whose parents can’t afford medicine for their sick children–a direct result of Obamacare. But it doesn’t end there.

Recently, one man suffering with cancer, Bill Elliot, had his insurance canceled as a direct result of the Healthcare law. Not only that, Elliot went on Fox News and spoke of his plight with Megyn Kelly. Shortly thereafter, Bill Elliot found himself the target of an IRS audit. A health insurance broker, C. Steven Tucker, helped Elliot keep his insurance. Now Tucker finds himself the target of an IRS audit going all the way back to 2003.

But the president insists his healthcare law is working. It really makes one wonder, how does the president define “working”? People are going to suffer greatly under the oppressive healthcare law. But it appears the administration and their minions could care less; it’s all for the “greater common good,” they say.

Once again, I’m not a qualified as a psychiatric professional to determine whether Barack Obama is a de facto malignant narcissist. But all the warning signs are there, in my opinion. I think one thing that would really convince me he just might be a full-blown malignant narcissist is if he starts pushing for a third term. A recent editorial that appeared in the Washington Post called for abolishing term limits for presidents.

Interestingly, there are reports of Obama stating his desire to stay in Washington, D.C., following his second term–which is rare and hasn’t happened in nine decades since the days of a dying Woodrow Wilson. If people start dying and suffering en masse as a direct result of Obamacare, and the president starts to push for a third term, while claiming his healthcare law is “working” … that’s all the evidence I need.

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