Folks, They Don’t Care About You!

By Brent Parrish

Watching this whole Obamacare debacle unfold has really given me the opportunity to watch the Obama sycophants rip their collective masks off and reveal their cold, dark Marxian socialist hearts.

If you haven’t noticed, the wingnuts of the far-left hate America as founded; they hate the Founders; they hate the Constitution; they hate individuality; they hate the family; they hate patriotism; they hate hierarchy; they hate religion; and they really, really hate free enterprise and “creepy profits” (i.e. capitalism).

Don’t believe me? Consider the words of Rep. Pallone in a recent interview with Megyn Kelly. Pallone blames “capitalism” as the reason why so many Americans are receiving insurance cancellation notices:

Pallone was the same guy who referred to the House Committee’s investigation into the Obamacare website catastrophe as nothing more than a “monkey court.”

The wackjobs of the extreme left-wing try and put on an air of legitimacy by disguising their bitter hatred of freedom and liberty by using flowery rhetoric and sophistry to peddle their communistic nonsense. Obama has mastered this sort of emoting and political theater. But when the winds start to blow against the house that Marx built–the one built on sand–the left-wingers dispense with the dog-and-pony show and reveal their true colors.

Numerous reports are circulating around the interwebs about millions of Americans losing their insurance coverage as a direct result of the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare). Why? Because insurance companies are being forced by law to provide plans that cover all sorts of preexisting conditions for everyone. And guess what? Obama and his ilk could care less how much pain or suffering this may cause Americans. It was all part of the plan. As far as they’re concerned, you’re being “transitioned” to single payer–government control. So what if you’re inconvenienced. You’re just a pawn on the chess board and the game is redistribution–Obama-style.

Don’t believe me? Consider the words of Ezekiel Emmanuel, Rahm Emmanuel’s brother and one of the architects of Obamacare, in a recent interview with Megyn Kelly. The pompous arrogance and dismissive haughty attitude displayed by Emmanuel is typical of those who have foisted this god-awful healthcare law on the American people:

Obama et ilk are blaming the insurance companies for offering “sub-standard” plans that do not provide maternity care for healthy, single 32-year-old males–which segues nicely into an all-assault on capitalism itself. By seizing control over the entire healthcare industry, the government has effectively taken over one-sixth of the private sector. And from the people I’ve talked to who have actually read the Healthcare law, it’s described as nothing short of “monstrous.” But this is exactly what the left-wing extremists want–an end to free enterprise and the constitutional republic, to be replaced with mob rule and the law of force.

This is why so many on the left just do not care if your premiums skyrocket, or you lose your insurance–or everything, for that matter. The only thing that matters to the progressive liberal is the progressive cause itself–socialism.

Democrat blowhard Bob Beckel says the staggering increases in premiums are just “chump change”:

Obama worshiper Juan Williams says it’s “not the Apocalypse” if you lose your current insurance coverage:

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius says, “Whatever”:

The administration and the Democrats in Congress don’t work for the American people; they work for the federal government, period:

The only thing that matters to this administration, and the state-run press that so dutifully supports it, is the elimination of capitalism itself–which will require upending our current form of representative government and reordering the separation of powers. The so-called Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act goes a long way toward the progressive goal of ending free market capitalism.

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