Is Obama Sunni or Shia Muslim?

Lame Cherry
Posted August 19, 2010

Amazing isn’t it, one little blog yesterday found here asking about the branch of Islam which B. Hussein Obama is a part of, and within hours Matt Drudge and the major media are all featuring stories on it.

I had been moved to ponder this a few days previously by the Holy Ghost and as this blog is the leading thought process of all the front benchers to teach the back benchers, it is time to explain why that question was being asked in the first place.

There is nothing shocking in a poll that 25% of Americans know Obama is a Muslim, because just as being part white, part Arab and a minority 13% black, Obama can not wash any of his colors off.

No more than Obama born British under British law can not be a natural born Citizen of America, even if Ann Coulter can’t get that through her Obamite voting brain.

B. Hussein Obama was born Muslim, taught Islam, prayed Muslim and bows to Islam in taking their finances, to rewarding Islamocommunists portions of the Israelite state. He is Muslim and there is no denying that fact.

Khadaffi who Obama released a Libyan terrorist mass murdering Americans to, defines Obama as an African Muslim.

What requires understanding in this is Kenyans are Sunni Muslims who Obama is born from. Indonesians are Sunni Muslims who Obama was adopted into. Malcolm Little or X was a convert to Sunni Islam who Obama learned to be black from according to David Remnick. Louis Farrakhan or Louis Eugene Walcott, who Obama had Walcott’s followers intimidate reporters in Chicago moved the Nation of Islam Mooselums closer to Sunni theology.

Barack Obama Soetoro was financed by Saudi Sunni Islam, the same sects as Sheik bin Laden, for his schooling.

So to answer the question as to which branch of Islam that Obama’s loyalties lay, the answer is he is a Sunni Muslim.

This might not sound that big of a deal to westerners, until one remembers what that little Irish tiff was about in Catholics at war with Protestants, or the Inquisitions of the Catholic religion of olde against Protestants. There is a massive warring faction in Islam of Sunni against Shia and Shia against Sunni, melded now with Obama black liberation, Marxism and Fascism of the Nazi order.

The entire basis of this split is Shia Muslims believe that the only people who should lead Islam at the head are to be descendants of Muhammed, as in his kindred, while Sunni believe anyone can be the leader.

The shahadah or declaration in Sunni is simple:

“There is no god but Alláh, Muhammad is the Messenger of Alláh.”

The Shia shahadah expands what most have heard.

“There is no god but Alláh, Muhammad is the Messenger of Alláh, Alí is the Friend of Alláh. The Successor of the Messenger of Alláh And his first Caliph.”

Do you comprehend now why this blog has been posting exclusively that Barack Hussein Obama has been dragging America into the middle of an Islamic tribal war of genocide?

This is what the entire basis of Obama has been about and is about. His entire heritage, religion and financial backing has been Sunni in the fascist Muslim Brotherhood order. He has no place for Shia Muslims any more than what Mark Halperin blurted out to Charlie Rose’s horror in “Obama has no affinity for the GOP Gulf States as they did not vote for him”.

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