Florida State Capitol Displays Mural of George Zimmerman Shooting Trayvon Martin

(Credit: WKMG-TV)

The Florida State Capitol unveiled a painting by Miami-based artist, Huong, of George Zimmerman shooting Trayvon Martin, WFTS-TV reported.

This is disgusting. I’m really having a visceral reaction to the symbolism displayed in this so-called piece of art. This is only meant to incite rage and resentment between black and white.

I am so sick and tired of the facts being thrown out like the proverbial baby with the bath water when it comes to the whole Trayvon Martin shooting.

First, never in my life have I ever heard the term “white Hispanic,” not until George Zimmerman was described as such. I’ve heard of Chicano, Hispanic, Latino, but never “white Hispanic.”

I also have observed main-stream media like NBC purposefully edit footage in an effort to influence public opinion against George Zimmerman sans facts.

And one question that has been answered to my satisfaction, just how many times does one have to endure having their head slammed into the concrete?

From the way I understand the deadly encounter between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin, Zimmerman may have been overzealous in following Trayvon Martin. Quite frankly, if Martin was minding his own business, I don’t blame him if he may have confronted Zimmerman and exchanged words, or told him to back off. But instead, Trayvon Martin made the immediate decision to engage in violence by jumping Zimmerman and repeatedly slamming his head into the concrete.

Now, think about that for a minute. I’ve head some people around me, at times, who creeped me out a bit and got a little too close for comfort. I didn’t know what there intent was, so I told them to back off–keep their distance. But my first reaction is not to whip out a can of whoop ass. Why? Well, aside from it being wrong … THEY MIGHT HAVE A GUN! Escalating things to the level of violence is the last resort, and only as much is as needed to incapacitate or subdue the threat.

So as I look at this so-called work of art that stands in the Florida State Capitol, I can’t help but feel my blood boil as to its intent and its brazen hypocrisy.

I’ve reported several incidents of black-on-white violence that have occurred over the past several months. One horrific attack on a 13-year-old white boy resulted in him being set on fire on his very own front porch by two black youths yelling, “you get what you deserve, whiteboy!”

Should I paint a mural of the young white boy being set on fire by heartless black thugs? Have it displayed next to the painting of George Zimmerman shooting Trayvon Martin?

If you’re like me, it seems readily apparent that all it would accomplish is to incite even more animosity, animus and rage between black and white. And how did white folks get sucked into this whole affair when it was, in reality, a violent incident between a black and a Hispanic? One must really scrape the bottom of the barrel to concoct a term like “white Hispanic.”

The depiction of George Zimmerman in the mural at the Florida State Capitol reveals a great deal behind the motives of the artist, in my opinion. For one thing, the figure firing the gun looks nothing like George Zimmerman. Instead he wears a merciless and hard expression, as if all he wanted to was hunt down and blow away a black teenager.

And I can’t but wonder about the whole shaved head look. Is this some sort of “skinhead” symbolism? It certainly looks nothing like George Zimmerman. The fanciful version of Zimmerman in the painting depicts a muscular and much more menacing character than the real-life George Zimmerman. But I guess if you’re trying to turn some into a monster, you need to depict them as a monster. Not only is the mural highly objectionable, in my humble opinion, but it’s just a horrid piece of artwork, period. I don’t even think it would make a good B Grade movie poster.

This sort of socialist advocacy art is not art at all, to me, but rather unadulterated propaganda specifically designed to foment the anger and rage of black Americans. But anger and rage at who? Apparently it’s open season on white folks. Hispanics caught a break on this one, due to the fact amnesty will bring the Democrats millions of new voters. So great efforts were made to emphasize that George Zimmerman was a “white Hispanic”—emphasis on white.

So, whitey, don’t you feel privileged now?

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