The Spirit of Defeat

One thing that has bothered me for a while is the rise of defeatism that I have seen exhibited by many individuals for many years now. I can’t exactly say why this is the case.  But it appears to me this sort of “all is lost” mentality is becoming an epidemic. Defeatism is not a condition that is peculiar to just one political party, group, sect, ethnicity, denomination, gender, organization; it’s universal. But I’m going to focus on right-wing defeatism in this article.

I regularly listen to the popular talking heads on the right. Let’s just say I’ve been noticing a pattern. For example, I listened to Rush Limbaugh take a call from a guy who was expressing how fed up he was with the Obama Administration and the current Republican establishment. The caller had some interesting ideas on the type of action required to start countering the all-out assault by the left to turn our nation and its Constitution upside down. Were they perfect solutions? I doubt it, since I know of no perfect solutions. Would they actually work? I don’t know.

Rush responded, with what I’m finding to be a typical reaction by many on the right these days, and it goes a little something like this, “Well, you know, the Democrats will just do this and that, and that and this, and the media will be right on board … nothing will change.” I’ve heard other popular conservatives forward this sort of “it does not matter what we do, all-is-lost” attitude.

Okay. Maybe all is lost. Maybe they’re right. Maybe no matter what we do as conservatives or republicans it will always end in utter defeat and capitulation. If that’s the case, why even get out of bed in the morning? Because when you look at, regardless of whether it intentional or not, the message is “it’s all just a colossal waste of time.”

I don’t need somebody to bitch for me; I’m more than capable of doing that myself. As a matter of fact, I’m a bit too good at it. Anybody can be an armchair quarterback. The challenge is to provide possible solutions, then follow it with action. You very well may discover that your “solution” does not work, or needs improvement. But I think one can learn just as many important lessons in failure, if not more, than in success. To me, the important point is to do something, not just sit there and say “it doesn’t matter anyway” and do absolutely nothing but bemoan and complain about the current state of “things.” Because, at the end of the day, it accomplishes nothing … absolutely nothing. Doing nothing is a sure guarantee that things will continue to dissipate and devolve.

If I were an NFL football coach, I would expect my players to play to win for the full sixty minutes. If I saw a player give up in the 3rd quarter, with a quarter left to play, despite the fact that defeat may be imminent, I would bench them. If they continued to be a “quitter,” then they can just quit the team, as far as I’m concerned. Defeatism seems to be contagious. So I would nip that problem in the bud. The way I look at it: if you don’t want to win, then get off the team. We don’t need you.

My grandparent’s and parents were always big on nipping problems in the bud—meaning: take care of problems before they get out of hand. Yet now I see so many allowing problems to get completely out of hand, then run around like chickens with their heads cut off lamenting, “What do we do now?” It’s like a person standing on the railroad tracks when they can see the train coming from a mile away. But they remain on the tracks, oblivious to the impending disaster headed their way, then exclaim, “How could this happen? Why didn’t somebody tell me a train was headed straight for me?” I pray the American people will rediscover the principle of “nip it in the bud.”

One of the lessons my grandparents and parents always impressed upon me, especially if I was complaining about what others have done, was to ask a simple question: “What are YOU going to do about it?” It was always about the person in the mirror, not simply assigning blame to someone else, or expecting someone else to magically appear and save the day.

It seems these days that many on the right are hoping for another Ronald Reagan to ride in on a white horse and save us all from the progressive scourge. Well, the problem is there is only one Ronald Reagan. He’s not coming back. Can there be somebody like him? Of course. But I think the real point is it is up to all of us to get involved, not just to sit back and hope some superhero will sweep in to save us from the dastardly machinations of the progressive left. IT TAKES ALL OF US! We cannot sit back and expect one, or a handful of people, to carry all the water for the rest of us.

I saw this sickening spirit of defeat rear its pathetic, ugly head following Obama’s reelection. The fact of the matter was the republicans didn’t lose per se. We still hold the House. Things are pretty much the same as they were during Obama’s first term. So the right cannot really say they were utterly defeated. Yet so many on the right choose to do so.

But the left never admits defeat, even when they have been resoundingly defeated. I think the right should tear a page from the left’s political handbook and stick it in their front pocket. As a good friend of mine says, “Fake it until you make it.” I’m a big fan of using my  enemy’s strengths against them. If it works for my opponent, chances are it just might work for me. But I don’t see any real evidence from the current Republican leadership that they even grasp the concept, let alone implement it.

Let me give some solid examples about what I’m talking about. Consider the current push by the Obama Administration and the Democrats to disarm the American people by running roughshod over our Second Amendment rights. The president and the dems are not giving up, despite their anti-Second Amendment measures being recently defeated in the democratically controlled Senate, and despite the fact that it is wildly unpopular with many Americans. The will of the American people be damned. The Democrats want more and more gun control, and, by God, they’re going to get it one way or the other, if they have anything to do about it. Even when the Democrats’ bills are defeated, they always seem to get something out of it. The left uses an incremental approach to always push their agenda forward. It appears the right takes an all or nothing approach.

When the administration and the dems start pushing for more anti-Second Amendment legislation, and they will, then the right should counter back with their own form of incrementalism by demanding, for example, the repeal of the Hughes Amendment and the National Firearms Act. “Incremental” back! When will the right get this simple concept? If the left wants to play hardball, play hardball! The incremental approach guarantees that even if you lose you’ll get something out of it. This is how the left steadily keeps moving their agenda, while the right is playing “all or nothing,” and often ends up with nothing.

I’ve come to the conclusion if you want to understand what Obama and his minions are doing, one must filter it all through Marxist ideology. That’s my opinion. But I’m sticking to it, for it’s based in fact, not theory.

A true dyed-in-the-wool Marxist cannot tolerate any counter-revolutionary activity by their political enemies. One of the biggest threats to a Marxist insurgency is the opponent who counter-organizes against it. The bread and butter of Marxism is employing the masses against their political adversaries. It’s the mob versus the individual. The mob usually wins.

This is how I see Barack Obama; he is a “mob” president. I’m not talking about the mafia, either. Although, considering Obama’s Chicago roots, who knows! But I digress. What I’m talking about is Obama’s penchant for employing mass organizations against his foes. During the late 90’s, I started to become increasingly concerned about all the 501 (c)(3) and 501 (c)(4) tax-exempt groups that were being formed and funded primarily by George Soros et ilk. I had never in my life seen so much radical leftist political bile as I did coming from these Soros’ front groups. Yet the Bush Administration didn’t seem to get it. I even said at the time that the right would need to counter-organize, or it would spell big trouble politically in the future. Well, here we are!

But what’s happening now? The federal government, under the leadership of Barack Obama and the Democrats, is now using the IRS, and any other government agency it can employ, to target, harass, intimidate and disenfranchise conservative activists and voters. Which provides yet more evidence that the one thing the administration can’t tolerate is any counter-revolutionary activity. There is nothing more terrifying and threatening to the left than getting a dose of their own medicine.

Thank God for the Tea Party! To me, these folks get it. They realized that they would need to counter-organize and use all available media to get their message out—a real challenge, considering the stranglehold the left has on the major news networks, not to mention  Hollywood. Of course, instead of embracing the grassroots Tea Party Movement as a godsend, the Republican leadership decided to deride and mock the movement. It’s political suicide—something the Republican Party seems quite adept at these days.

Here’s one area where we need to start using the enemy’s strengths against them. I call it reverse Alinsky strategy. Barack Obama and his ilk love to isolate their political enemies. One tried-and-true tactic by the left is Alinsky’s Power Tactic #13: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Interestingly this tactic is quite similar to the military’s counter-insurgency strategy: Identify the target, isolate it, and “insert into hurt locker.”

This is why I think we need to get away from the term “republican establishment” and start clearly identifying the individuals who are the true culprits within the establishment. Let’s not lump the good ones in with the bad ones. Let’s identify and isolate those in the Republican Party who are not fighting for us, but instead capitulate and cave to the left at every turn—for example, Sen. John McCain and Sen. Lindsay Graham, whose positions many times seem to benefit the Democrats far more than the Republicans. Of course, isolating the culprits on the left is just as important. But if our own house is not in order, there will be little or no chance of victory against the left.

Yep. I’m really fed up with the defeatist mentality. It’s as useless as a shriveled up old tree that produces no fruit. You might as well chop it down and use it for firewood. Like I said, if all is lost, and nothing will ever get better, then why even get out of bed in the morning? Why even put yourself through the struggle of trying? Why not just give yourself a gun powder mouthwash and put us all out of our misery. But you better do it quick while you can still buy “gunpowder mouthwash.”

Feel me?

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