Exasperation: A Nation on the Brink

By Brent Parrish

The news over the past few weeks reveals yet more evidence the Obama regime and its minions are working tirelessly behind the scenes to virtually destroy their political foes, while winking at America’s sworn enemies. The regime does not view the so-called right as mere political opponents, but rather enemiescounter-revolutionaries against the struggle who must be monitored, investigated, stifled, thwarted, intimidated, subpoenaed, incarcerated, audited, beaten, SWATed, hacked, spammed, slandered, excluded, demonized, marginalized, ridiculed, vilified, dehumanized … at all times, from every direction, simultaneously.

Three witnesses to the attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya gave emotional testimony to the House Oversight Committee this week regarding what really happened on the ground in Libya on Sept. 11, 2012. The terrorist attack resulted in the murders of Amb. Chris Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty and Sean Smith. It was an act of war. American sovereign soil was attacked and four Americans were killed. The perpetrators are still at large. There still appears to be no heartfelt desire by the Obama regime to bring the terrorists to justice. And we have since learned no effort was made to beef up security at U.S. diplomatic missions around the globe prior to the anniversary of 9-11.

Testimony of Eric Nordstrom

Testimony of Gregory Hicks

Instead the American people were told the terrorist attack at Benghazi was the result of a YouTube video offensive to Muslims. And what’s going to stop terrorists from finding another “offensive” video next year and repeat the mayhem? But I digress.

The most important question in the whole Benghazi fiasco is who gave the “stand down” order? Did our government, in fact, watch them die while doing nothing to save them? The president is technically the Commander-in-Chief during times of war. According to some, only the president can issue a “stand down” order. I find it difficult to believe the State Department’s real-time monitoring of the situation on the ground in Libya was not being communicated to the White House.

Of course, we don’t really follow the constitutional process of declaring war via congressional act anymore, so the president has assumed the permanent role of Commander-in-Chief—supreme commander of the U.S. military. So the buck stops with the president on the use of the military.

The testimony by the three Benghazi witnesses, and investigations of the timeline by others, has exposed all requests to strengthen security at embassies and consulates leading up to the 9-11 anniversary were denied.

There’s something I’ve noticed about the left, especially from the dear leader types like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton: whenever situations arise that reflect badly on them, they immediately exclaim, “We just need to move on and get on with the nation’s business … FORWARD! The American people demand progress … we need to move the agenda forward … just a sideshow … nothing to see here, folks! FORWARD!”

The president’s response to the investigation into Benghazi is galling. To the president, the whole Benghazi affair is nothing but a big “sideshow.” Never mind the fact that the families of those lost in Libya want answers. The killers have not been brought to justice. And no response to the U.S. being attacked on sovereign soil. It’s as if Barack Obama believes he can simply appear before a podium in his freshly-pressed suit and shmooze the people to distraction with flowery oratory and nebulous promises of moving forward with progress and change … or something. He simply denies any and all culpability in the matter.

Well, if that is true, then it means Mr. Obama’s leadership is woefully inadequate in reining in a rogue government tyrannizing the citizenry. But I don’t buy that for a minute. There’s a saying we have here—around these parts: “shit runs downhill.”

Let’s say you were a kid who stole a candy bar and got caught, but you denied it. Your parents confront you and ask, “Did you steal that candy bar?” And you reply, “Listen, Mom & Dad, we just need to move on … we need to get on with the business of the family and moving things forward. Besides, it happened a long time ago. What difference, at this point, does it make?”

Now, I can’t  say exactly how my parents would respond, but I can make an “educated guess.” Following what psychologists might call a “significant emotional event,” more than likely, I would be told, in no uncertain terms, that we will “move on” when the matter of “did I lie when I said I didn’t steal the candy bar” has been resolved, not until then. Additionally, there would be a consequence for lying, regardless of whether I ‘fessed up or not. Of course, the consequences would increase in severity, as long I insisted on covering up the lie.

By the way, what happened to the coke bottle glasses? All better now? Hmmm?

There’s a very baffling aspect to this whole Benghazi debacle. Why did the administration send out UN Amb. Susan Rice to no less than five Sunday talk shows immediately following the 9-11 terrorist attack in Libya to insist it was an obscure YouTube video that fueled all the violence? Witness testimonies in the Benghazi hearings have adamantly stated the YouTube video was a “non-event” in Libya at the time of the attack on the U.S. consulate.

On one hand, the obvious connection would be that the Obama regime did not want to have to admit it was de facto Islamic terrorism, since the White House has aggressively pushed the meme al-Qaeda had been vanquished. But it was not long after Susan Rice made here appearances on the Sunday talk show circuit that Barack Obama made his speech before the UN, claiming there is no future for those who insult the prophet of Islam. Well, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, producer of the controversial video “Innocence of Muslims,” is still in jail to this day. He has been denied bail as well. Looks like his future just got a lot dimmer for “insulting the prophet of Islam.”

UN ambassador Susan Rice

Was the push by the Obama regime to involve the United Nations in the Benghazi affair a cynical effort to clamp down on free speech in this country? Did the White House attempt to exploit yet another crisis to move forward their agenda of ceding American sovereignty to the United Nations?

The Obama administration pushed for the global “Anti-Blasphemy” laws (UN Resolution 16/18), which seeks to limit free speech and to outlaw any scrutiny or criticism of Islam. The Obama regime has closely cooperated with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), a confederacy of 57 Muslim states, whose real agenda is to criminalize criticisms of Islam and to impose Sharia law.

CNSNews reported:

“Every year since 1999 the OIC has steered through the U.N.’s human rights apparatus a resolution condemning the “defamation of religion,” which for the bloc of 56 Muslim states covered incidents ranging from satirizing Mohammed in a newspaper cartoon to criticism of shari’a and post-9/11 security check profiling.

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula is escorted out of his home by Los Angeles County Sheriff’s officers in Cerritos, California in this file photo taken September 15, 2012. REUTERS/Bret Hartman/Files

One might think such efforts to nullify free speech and literally enter into agreements that, in effect, are “respecting an establishment of religion” (Islam), under the auspices of treaties with the UN, would send chills down the spines of entertainers, artists, musicians, and the like—namely, Hollywood. But one would be remiss in reaching such a hasty conclusion.

Consider this tweet by Bill Maher:

Apparently, as long as Maher & friends have some bank, the whole Benghazi issue is a “non-event.” Besides, as Maher laments, it sure would be sad if the president had to resign when the economy was just starting to roar back to life again.

Firstly, the fact that people like Bill Maher can’t understand the significance of four Americans being killed in a terrorist attack on sovereign U.S. soil is astonishing in its own right. But the fact that Maher and his minions think lies, prevarications and stonewalling of the Benghazi investigation by the Obama regime are perfectly acceptable is beyond belief, considering the families and friends of those killed desperately desire an honest and full accounting of what really happened in Libya.

Secondly, I won’t even get into Maher’s erroneous notion our economy is just great, despite abysmal unemployment rates, shrinking labor pool, massive federal debt, unrestrained deficit spending, debauched currency, crushing regulations, etc.—not to mention the Obamacare “train wreck” that is sending small businesses into a tailspin. But, yet again, I digress.

The reaction from Democratic leaders to the Benghazi investigation is nauseatingly predictable, and saddening. Top ranking Democrat in the House, Rep. Elijah Cummings, simply claims “death is a part of life.” Cummings is of the mind that our diplomatic personnel knew the risks, no further inquiry is needed. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.) reiterates the tiresome refrain spouted by so many on the left: “What’s the big deal?

This past week I caught a radio interview with David Horowitz on the Greg Garrison Show. I couldn’t help but hear the utter exasperation in David’s voice as he lamented over the recent and past actions of the Obama regime.

David Horowitz

Horowitz’s vexation over the machinations of our government under the rule of Barack Obama seems to be something I encounter more and more. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve struggled to find words to describe my disgust and outright indignation at the conduct of this current administration. The audaciousness and zeal Obama and his minions display in their mad rush to fundamentally transform America into some sort of Marxian socialist Utopia leaves one like me speechless at times. But therein lies the power of audacity: it can render one dumbstruck.

This whole notion being fomented by the left that investigating or analyzing the Benghazi attack is nothing more than a political “witch hunt” is not only laughable upon its face, it is cynically diabolical at its core. Especially now, considering the recent revelations the IRS targeted any non-profit group containing the words “Patriot,” “Conservative” or “Tea Party.” Not only that, it is now being reported that not only Tea Party groups were singled out by the IRS for intense scrutiny, but others—like Jewish groups.

These sort of accusations and smears by people like Senator Durbin become even more absurd following reports the Obama regime is conducting “deep background” meetings with certain members of the press—kept off-the-record. But the collusion of the press and the White House (cf. fascism) goes far deeper than “deep background” sessions.

Political consultant and media commentator Richard Grenell stated on Fox News Watch:

“CBS News President David Rhodes and ABC News President Ben Sherwood, both of them have siblings that not only work at the White House, that not only work for President Obama, but they work at the NSC on foreign policy issues directly related to Benghazi.”

So the fact that those of us on the right convinced there is a concerted effort by the mainstream media and the Democratic Party to silence and marginalize them is hardly the realm of wild conjecture or wacky “conspiracy theories.” It seems more and more just keeps coming out about the incestuous relationship between major news networks and the current administration, and the Democratic Party. This is a clear and blatant violation of the First Amendment’s guarantee of a free press.

The frustration and exasperation I heard in David Horowitz is something I’ve become intimately familiar with over the past couple of years. David Horowitz has done yeoman’s work in exposing the left’s agenda. He has written and provided copious amounts of information on the agenda and tactics of the radical left. Horowitz has done the dirty, thankless work of going to the most liberal universities on the planet to present the conservative viewpoint, despite all the hate and slander that goes along with it.

We need more like workers like Horowitz. It is the universities infected and inundated with radical leftists that produce the cadre of political and social scientists that make up government and the mainstream media nowadays.

All the information regarding Obama’s ties to radical leftists throughout his life is out there for anybody to read. For those who have taken the time to research the ideology that underpins the progressive left, it becomes readily apparent the Obama regime and its zealous minions are following a Marxian socialist-style script; it’s predictable. But so many choose not to educate themselves, or even seem to care. It is truly exasperating. It’s like the old adage, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.”

So often I hear from those on the left that people like me hate the government. NONSENSE! I happen to support the U.S. Constitution, which lays out the form of government we are supposed to have—a constitutional republic that is limited in its power over the individual—limited government, but nonetheless necessary.

But our system requires a federal government that serves the States and the Individual, not the other way around. Unfortunately, we see this all-important paradigm, which was designed to enshrine the rights of the individual as a bulwark against tyranny, being flipped on its proverbial head. The State and the Individual must now serve the almighty national government (top-down), as opposed to a federal government (bottom-up) limited in its power and scope over the private U.S. citizen.

Just when I think my exasperation has reached its zenith, along comes another egregious affront to freedom and liberty sanctioned by the current occupants of the White House and their sycophant supporters. Recently I learned that a Muslim cleric desecrated our fallen Navy SEAL’s at a ramp ceremony in which the Imam prayed to Allah that our fallen warriors be “damned to hell.” The Obama-approved Imam uttered this treachery in traditional Arabic at a funeral for our Navy SEAL Team VI in the presence of the families of these brave fallen warriors.

I have no words to describe this unbelievable travesty. How could such a thing even be allowed to occur? Our politically-correct leaders have gone so far as to allow our sworn enemies access to our most solemn ceremonies to spout their hateful filth and vicious bile, all the while barring Christian religious figures from attending—a gross violation of our First Amendment rights that can only be described as dastardly and incomprehensibly reprehensible.

For the first time in my life, I truly fear my government. It is readily apparent there are those in charge who literally despise and hate people who believe in freedom, liberty and limited government, not the other way around. Americans like me are labeled as potential domestic terrorists in DHS memorandums, slated for intense scrutiny by the IRS, and targeted for ridicule ad nauseum by the progressive liberal media and Hollywood.

“When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”

—Thomas Jefferson

But enough about me. What really matters are the families of those killed serving our nation. They only want their government to give an honest accounting of what really happened to their loved ones, and why. If I’m completely exasperated, imagine how the families and friends of the fallen feel!

The mother of Sean Smith, whose son was killed at Benghazi, expressed her utter disillusionment and total exasperation with the current administration’s refusal to provide answers to her questions regarding Sean’s death during a recent interview with former Gov. Mike Huckabee, imploring: “THEY DON’T CARE! … THEY JUST DON’T CARE!

But it’s just a “sideshow,” said the president.

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