Freeflowing On Tyrants

Back in college, when I was studying journalism, I was required to take some introductory writing courses, which proved quite beneficial. Of course, anybody who writes knows that from time to time writer’s block sets in. At other times, your mind might be swimming with all sorts of ideas, but you’re having trouble boiling it all down to a thesis.

One technique for combating these sorts of “blockages” is freeflow writing. The purpose of freeflow writing is to simply write down whatever comes to mind, without spending time editing and rewriting. It’s simply an exercise to get out what is in your head onto to paper or pixels. Freeflow is also a good way to try and synthesize and coalesce jumbled thoughts, particularly when you’re overloaded with information or emotion. Well, that’s basically what this little article is—an exercise in freeflow writing, so to speak.

I’m just so damn pissed off right now about what I’m seeing in the political realm that is almost impossible for me to adequately express my utter frustration with it all. I know I’m not alone. I can’t stand politics; I hate writing about it. There are so many other journalists and authors who are leaps and bounds above me when it comes to the subject of politics and the machinations therein. I just continue to write about it because I am so concerned about the direction our nation—and the world, for that matter—is taking.

Unfortunately, politics are part of life. But nowadays politics have taken over our lives. This is what I find particularly irksome and loathsome. It is a clear indication to me that our federal government has so overreached its bounds that it now intrudes on every facet of our lives; and it is only going to get worse—much, much worse—in my opinion. Why? Why wouldn’t it? Do you see any indication that it will subside? I know I sure don’t.

I’ve often wondered if those who sit at the top of the political pyramid have purposefully worked overtime to make politics in this country so repugnant and god-awful that nobody in their right mind would want to have anything to do with it. The advantage to such a strategy should be obvious: those who sit at the top of the political pyramid will be granted supreme power over all sans any competition.

The history of mankind has been one of tyranny, not liberty. The attempts by human beings to self-organize, i.e. government, have, for the most part, resulted in the rule of criminal oligarchies—typically with a figurehead acting as the sovereign. It always seems to boil down to a small cadre of nefarious and power-hungry individuals who wield total power and enforce their rule through brutality and strict control of the wealth and riches of those they rule over. That is the history of mankind, if you ask me.

But America is a different animal in many ways. The thought that individuals have inalienable rights endowed by their Creator is nothing short of blasphemy to your garden variety dictator. Such a dangerous notion that a Supreme Being reigns over all, and not the other way around, is utterly unacceptable to those who wish to rule over their subjects with an iron fist.

Tyrants can never completely eradicate the desire out of people to worship a Higher Power. The act of worship and religious ritual in the history of humanity is long and diverse. It appears to be a natural longing for many to seek a greater power outside themselves to explain a world and universe that is vastly bigger and more immense than any one person can ever fully comprehend. Yet the tyrant and his minions see themselves as gods, thus the need to elevate the sovereign to godlike status in order to placate the masses’ desire for worshiping deity. It must be this way, according to the tyrant, otherwise his subjects would think for themselves and possibly reject the edicts and demands of the ruling class.

I’ve often pondered what motivates tyrants to see themselves as demigods. Surely they know that one day they will die too, just like any other mortal. But maybe that’s part of what motivates ruthless leaders to commit the monstrous crimes they do. If one has no belief in God, and no fear thereof, then what moral compulsion will exist in an individual with such tendencies to restrain their barbarity and merciless cruelty? I would venture to say, “None.” And the demigod is more than likely painfully aware that there is little time to play God.

Evil is armor in and of itself. When someone gains a reputation of barbarism and ruthlessness, then there will be fewer and fewer who will confront the evildoer out of fear of what may be done to them if they do. Unfortunately, this just allows the tyrant more time and space to further consolidate their power, possibly to the point where only the most powerful and mighty force will be able to soundly defeat and overcome the tyranny, and usually at great cost in lives and treasure. When evil is not nipped in the bud, it can grow like a great tree by a river with roots that go far and wide and deep; it will not be easily dislodged without great effort and sacrifice.

Is Barack Obama a tyrant? I would say he is a tyrant in the making. For example, if the allegations are true that Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder were running guns to narco-terrorists in Mexico during the Fast and Furious operation, then they have the blood of many people on their hands; they have become de facto murderers. The intentional killing of innocents for the express purpose of furthering a political agenda is as evil as it gets.

Attorney General Eric Holder steadfastly stonewalled the Oversight Committee’s investigation at every turn. The attorney general was eventually held in contempt of Congress over the fiasco. Additionally, Barack Hussein Obama claimed executive privilege regarding the probe into communications between the White House and the Justice Department during the Fast and Furious operation.

We’ve been assured by the administration that Obama’s presidency is the “most transparent in history.” Yet the very first executive order Barack Hussein Obama signed when he entered office was an order to have all of his records sealed. We know very little about Obama’s past at this point. The most disturbing aspect to all of this, at least to me, is the complete media blackout regarding Obama’s murky past. I find this particularly irksome and maddening considering the never-ending campaign to trash George W. Bush at every possible turn by the mainstream media during and after Bush’s years in office.

If we are dealing with an administration that is willing to go to any lengths to maintain the reins of power—an administration that will engage in intrigue, lies, subterfuge, calumny, theft, murder, etc.—then we are certainly under the merciless rule of a tyrant. How will we ever discover the truth when we have a news media that has decided to make journalism an exercise in leftist political advocacy? Well, we’ll find out soon enough. I am just afraid it will be too late then, if it is not already.

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