One Year Later: Remembering Breitbart

Several years ago, I was going back and forth in a very heated exchange with a liberal “psychotard” on the Fox News website. At the time, I was pent up with a lot of anger regarding the tactics of the left—namely, the politics of personal destruction and character assassination, which seems to be the preferred method of the left when engaging in “debate” with those they disagree with. Well, let’s just say I let ’em have it in no uncertain terms. A little while later, I read a reply to my comments to the resident liberal “psychotard” which simply read: “Breibart?”

At the time, I didn’t really know who Andrew Breitbart was. I immediately started doing a bit of research on who this “Breitbart” character was. It didn’t take long for me to realize that Breitbart was a man after my own heart—a true culture warrior who refused to back down. I took the reply to my comment as a big, big compliment. I had to know more about this Breitbart guy. I’ve been a huge fan and supporter of Andrew Breitbart ever since. Anybody who’s a friend of Andrew Breitbart is a friend of mine.

Unfortunately, I never got to meet Andrew Breitbart. I really wanted to. There are not too many people that I’ve never met whose untimely passing affected me the way Breitpart’s death did. It was a crushing blow. I still can’t believe he’s not here with us. But he will never die, nor will what he started die; it will live on and on and on.

We’re all Breitbart … Breitbart is here!



My thoughts and prayers are with Andrew’s wife and children on the one-year anniversary of Andrew’s untimely passing, as well as all his friends and colleagues who so much admired and loved a man unafraid to march headlong into the enemy’s camp and speak truth to power.


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