The Big Gun Run

***WARNING: A bit of strong language, but nothing too obnoxious***

Man o’ man … I have never seen anything like this. The Obama Administration and the sycophant media is pushing this shit way too far. And it just might result in the wakeup call Obama and his Constitution-denying minions need. What am I talking about? I’m talking about Obama et ilk’s all-out war on the Bill of Rights—namely, the Second Amendment—which is soup du jour for the left these days.

Make no mistake about it. This is a direct assault on the Bill of Rights. If you attack the Second Amendment, you’re attacking all other God-given, inalienable rights too. All rights protected in the Bill of Rights are equal with the rest. The left is infringing on the Second Amendment, and has being doing so with a vengeance since 1968, thanks to the tireless efforts of Constitution deniers like Sen. Dianne Feinstein and her wingnut-man in the House—Congressman Chuck Schumer. And it was the left’s favorite president of all time, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who first introduced the term “gun control” into the American lexicon.

It is always about control with the left and plenty of people are getting downright fed up with it. If you start infringing and denying people rights that were endowed by their Creator, it’s on like Donkey Kong then. Nope. Homie don’t play that … and the shit is getting deep.

Anti-gun zealot Sen. Dianne Feinstein brandishing an AK-47 with a 75-rd. mag. Of course, the Senator has exempted herself and her colleagues from her proposed gun ban list. But, noting her lack of trigger finger discipline in the photo above, I suggest we ban liberals (idiots) from owning guns, until they can properly handle a firearm. Hypocrisy at its finest. (Photo Credit: AP)

So, why have I never seen anything like it? Well, back in the early 90’s, I used to visit a lot of gun shows and gun shops with gun collectors who would purchase weapons for the Historical Reenactment Society. So, I became fairly familiar with what was available, and associated costs. Additionally, I learned a great deal about federal firearms licensing and the requirements for ownership of Class 3 “restricted” weapons. Let’s just say it’s “well-regulated.”

It has never been cheap to purchase quality firearms or weapons. But now it’s just unbelievable. Prices are through the roof, if you can even find what you’re looking for. And on top of that, you have this all-out assault on lawful gun owners to try and demonize them and equate them as being no better than “sex offenders.” That’s the final straw. Trust me.

You can’t purchase any rifle it seems these days. I’m talking damn near nothing! All the AR and AK styles are sold out—everything out-of-stock—and all the ammo too! GONE! You can’t even a pick up a trusty ole Ruger 10-22 bolt action .22 LR caliber rifle these days. It is just unbelievable. If you do find something for sale, many times, the price is astronomical. That’s how many people have purchased firearms since the left started its war on guns following the Sandy Hook Elementary mass shooting. But it is not really, technically speaking, a war on guns, more like a war on gun-owners via their little notorious map by the Journal News that put unwitting, law-abiding citizens in harm’s way.

I’ve lived in the States all my life; I’ve traveled all over this country. If there is one thing I know: many, many Americans own firearms and weapons. It is their constitutional right to do so, and they have done so for many, many years. The thing of it is, when it comes to Americans and their ownership of firearms, Americans of all stripes and colors legally own guns. The left done stepped in it now! Believe me. We’re not going to take this shit lying down. Sorry for my French, but I mean ever word of it. This is where it stops, for me, and others … many “others.”

I’ve been talking to gun shop owners, law enforcement, veterans, certified gun instructors about guns lately, but they keep talking about politics. That is what most of the folks who work directly in the firearms industry, or are indirectly involved, that I’ve spoken with, are talking about. They are encouraging people to get organized and fight this thing politically with every ounce of political muscle one can muster.

So, for starters, I renewed my membership in the NRA. The last time I checked, The NRA had gained over 250,000 new members, since this insane assault on legal firearms started in earnest under Obama’s Constitution-denying reign. I guess I’ve become an activist.

Gun manufacturers are fighting back as well. Magpul, a high-end gun manufacturer, which has supplied high-quality weapons for our troops, is threatening to pick up shop and leave Colorado if the state decides to enact any gun bans.

Firearms manufacturer LaRue Tactical is taking a very interesting tact by stating they will limit law enforcement sales to same the weapons as citizens. This is exactly what the Founders intended when they wrote the Second Amendment: that the well-regulated militia (the American people) will have access to the same weapons as would be employed against them by a possible tyrannical force. I really hope more gun manufacturers follow LaRue Tactical’s lead.

LaRue Tactical will limit all sales to what law-abiding citizens residing in their districts can purchase or possess.

I must admit, I do have concern that Obama and his diabolical Constitution deniers will use whatever Chicago thug tactics they can think of, via any government machination they can think of, to punish these companies in a fascistic manner that Adolf Hitler would be proud of. I just can’t put it past them anymore, judging from what I’ve seen, i.e. Chick-fil-a.

On a sidenote, I visited the Springfield Armory website last night and noticed something strange, almost unbelievable, really. The home page came up, but their entire e-commerce portion of their site has posted a notice that reads: “As of Friday, February 1, we are closed for scheduled system maintenance. We expect to be online again by Friday, February 8. Thank you for your patience.

The Springfield Armory has a long and proud tradition of gun manufacture in the United States, supplying ubiquitous legends such as the Springfield rifle and the M1 Garand, among many others.

Well, it’s the 11th and the Springfield Armory Store is still down. As a software engineer, I find this almost unbelievable, since any site upgrades should be done on a development server then ported over to the production server in a very controlled process for a company of this size.

Okay! It could be that Springfield Armory’s IT staff  is really that bad, but I find it highly suspicious, quite frankly. I would have been fired if I took a high-traffic e-commerce site down for well-over a week … probably would have been sued, too.

Just about every major rifle manufacturer’s website, like Armalite, reads “out-of-stock” on every rifle they make. Not only that, they don’t know when they will be back in stock!

What really just chaps my ass about his whole so-called “debate on guns” is the fact that the left exhibits such incredible ignorance and stupidity when it comes to all-things firearms. Frankly, overall, they don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground when it comes to guns. If I hear the term “assault rifle” or “assault weapon” one more time, I’m coming straight through the screen. People knowledgeable about guns and weapons rarely, if ever, use the term “assault rifle”—not so with the mainstream media. The MSM uses the ambiguous term for solely the emotional impact.

Case in point: the controversy surrounding “cop-killer  hollow-point bullets” and “dum dum bullets”  demonstrates a classic example of how logic does not factor in at all when it comes to the left’s narrative on infringing on the Second Amendment.

Firstly, any bullet can be a “cop-killer” bullet! Even a .22 LR cal. round (bullet) can be lethal out to 440 yards and penetrate a half-inch pine board (a standard Army test for lethal penetration). That is farther than you can shoot accurately with a good .22 cal. rifle, even with a decent scope mounted.

The reason many police departments use hollow-point rounds (bullets) in their sidearms is a hollow-point round expands and breaks apart immediately upon impact with the target. This can cause a devastating, lethal wound to a human being—but so can most ammunition! The hollow-point round’s impact is immediately dissipated on contact with the target, as opposed to a full-metal jacket round. Which means it won’t go through the attacker, and then through the wall, and then out into the street, possibly hitting an innocent bystander.

Now, here’s where it just gets plain stupid. If you live in Pennsylvania, you are required by law to use hollow-point bullets in a handgun for personal defense, for the very reasons I just explained. But, if you live in New Jersey, you would be arrested and charged with a felony if you were found in possession of “cop-killer, hollow-point, dum dum bullets.” Now, that should prove to you right there that the left’s motives for “gun control” have nothing to do with logic; it has to do with control. The left constantly uses emotional appeals, not facts, to try and control the narrative on guns for their own predetermined ends.

What I find most fascinating, and highly disturbing, is the left’s soul focus on “gun violence” exclusively, as if “gun violence” is the only violence there is, or the only type of violence that supposedly requires massive government intervention via universal gun registries, extensive background checks, gun bans, accessory bans, etc. That’s called infringement—plain and simple. I don’t care how you skin that cat. It is what it is!

Furthermore, gun crime statistics do not back up the left’s claims that more legislation will result in less violence—quite the contrary. A local Fox News anchor, Ben Swann, decimated Piers Morgan’s gun crime stats already. So I’m not wasting anymore time with that argument here. Watch the video (click here).

Additionally, the whole notion of “gun crime” is rather perplexing to me. Do guns commit crimes? Is it the person who wields the gun who commits the crime? I’m sorry, lefties, you seem very confused as to how to respond to this very simple and basic question. Do guns commit crime? It really is a very simple question. Now, to be sure, if you said “yes,” then you probably also believe that unloaded guns can kill people.

In one landmark experiment (see video above), the scientific method was applied to demonstrate that an unloaded gun cannot kill a human being (or a puppy or kitteh, for that matter). The jury is still out (since we haven’t heard from the British researchers yet). But a strong consensus is building against the claim that an unloaded gun is just as dangerous as a loaded one So, here a video for you, too (don’t say I never gave you anything).

If you said, “no,” please join the NRA. They need your support. Thanks for shopping TRP.

Okay, back to this “gun violence” thing. I read a letter to the editor in my local paper yesterday from a woman who was deathly afraid of “assault rifles” and “high-capacity” magazines. She said she didn’t feel safe going to the store and traveling about anymore. She was now traumatized by those big scary “assault weapons” with their big-honkin’ “high-capacity” magazines.

Huh. Maybe she should just stay home (hopefully, she won’t be the victim of a home invasion and need a firearm to defend herself). That’s right, she should just stay home. She is far more likely to get killed by a drunk driver on her way to the store than she is to be killed or injured by a rifle.

And if somebody did assault her? It would be more statistically likely she would get bludgeoned with a hammer or a baseball bat (knives are popular too). You’d also be surprised how popular two-by-four’s are for laying down a can of whompazzz, i.e. violent crime. So, I think our assault weapon-traumatized person is projecting a lot of fear unto an inanimate object. At least we know what not to buy her for Christmas—a hammer!

No, the left doesn’t care about reducing violence; they care about reducing guns, period—which doesn’t reduce gun crime, it increases it. There’s one argument a Constitution denier will never win: if you outlaw guns, then only outlaws will have guns. But, hey, maybe that’s what the left wants—outlaws with guns … might come in handy during the next attempted occupation.

The left is  fighting from a losing position. The matter of why we have a Second Amendment has already been argued in the D.C. vs. Heller Supreme Court case. And, no, lefties, the Second Amendment was not included just for hunting. It was included so that the private citizen could defend themselves and their families, homes and possessions. Naturally, since the left likes to break apart and mock families; and desires total control over your home, your possessions, you environment (your surroundings), etc., they would want to confiscate all the guns. Besides, that’s what the left does: confiscate … everything.

So … *sigh* … what’s the solution to all this violence? Ban guns? Ban video games? Stop global warming? Ban violent movies? Bring back primal scream therapy? Tax the rich? Be more violent? All of the above? What is that the left wishes to change by all this proposed  “gun control” legislation? Just how does a society deal with rampant violence?

Well, I sure don’t have the answers. But it did remind me of something I read long ago:

“But I say, if you are even angry with someone, you are subject to judgment! If you call someone an idiot, you are in danger of being brought before the court. And if you curse someone, you are in danger of the fires of hell.”

—Jesus Christ, Matthew 5:22 (NLT)

I think violence starts right in your own home, within in your own heart, not within your gun, or your knife, or your hammer, or your chainsaw. “A man is what he thinks about all day long.” Anger begets resentment, which begets rage, which begets murder, which begets genocide, which begets hell.

At least it’s something to think about. No?

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