Serial Sociology: History of the Future

“Not to know what happened before you were born, that is to be always a boy, to be forever a child.” – Ciciero

Opinion by AAABTonto

Conservatives do not have designs on the futures of others, but the Progressives, Liberals and Democrats have definite designs on us. Liberal Leftists always complain that the Christian Right is “oppressive” and is attempting to “impose their morality” on the rest of the country, but I see no evidence of that conclusion.  Conservatives are not imposing anything on the Left, but the Progressive Movement is determined to impose their will on the American people–regardless of how they feel about it! The only thing that the conservative Right is demanding is that we respect the Constitution and the rule of law—but that is racist and extreme.

American culture is distinct and unique. We have been a nation of doers for nearly 300 years. Our entrepreneurial spirit is unmatched by any other nation on the planet and the source of that fastidious ingenuity is liberty. Our culture was born long before we gained our independence from England.

I am mystified by the motives of Progressives and bewildered by the willing ignorance of those who follow them. America and our concept of individual freedom is the single greatest achievement in the history of mankind. Our inalienable rights descend from God and are not revokable unless you are a Socialist, Progressive, Marxist Liberal. They believe that all rights descend from the state. What is it that obsesses some individuals to control others, to manipulate and subjugate whole peoples with vicious intent? I understand greed, lust and power mongering, but what is it that drives some over the top with delusions of grandeur? How does one attain such a level of self importance? Why do so many people find it necessary to manipulate and control other people?

I don’t know if we will answer that question here, but I do know that Barack Obama thinks that he is an expert on everything. There is nothing that he thinks the government shouldn’t control and he is the is the best person on the planet to make that decision regardless of what it is.

One of the tools employed by Progressives is Sociology. Sociology ‘s birth took place at the end of the 19th century through the efforts of Émile Durkheim in France, Max Weber and Georg Simmel in Germany, and Robert E. Park and Albion Small in the U.S. The sociologist uses observation, surveys, statistical analysis, census data,  controlled experiments, and other methods to study the varied components of civilization such as the family, ethnic relations, sexual orientation, employment, schooling, social status and class, bureaucracy, religion, deviance and age to analyze social evolution.

The problem sociologists have is that they attempt to apply science to irrationality; people’s behavior is fraught with illogic and trying to analyze it scientifically is a difficult prospect to say the least. Then there is the problem of bias, because most progressives want their findings to prove their own misguided beliefs. Usually, this inconvenience is shamelessly ignored as they view the world in terms of moral relativism—the concept that implies that one truth is not more significant than another.

Once, not long ago, Sard and I were debating a climate change advocate (a really kind description of a complete jerk) on the FOX Nation site and we had presented him with a stack of undeniable facts and links to the truth. His reply/answer was to say, “That’s your science, man.” That is a classic example of moral relativism. Yet, while the progressive demands to not be criticized, he utterly denies the conservative perspective—conservatives are not allowed to have any truths of their own because they are deemed to be inferior and intolerant. Of course, this is wholly bigoted and intolerant in and of itself; but the progressives cannot be questioned or criticized because they are the “enlightened” ones. They have the “educated” perspective and are more open minded than the Neanderthal, Christian conservative.

The Progressive Movement has wormed its way into every facet of government. They have entrenched themselves in the unions, municipalities, local, state and federal bureaucracies, the education system and they are lording their power over the rest of us with zealous joy, demanding that “we pay our “fair share” while we do all the heavy lifting!

I am ashamed of what we have allowed the Progressive Movement to do to our country. The Founding Fathers would be fiercely scolding us for squandering the liberty which they bequeathed us. They would demand one Barack Hussein Obama be arrested and tried for treason were they to miraculously reappear in our present time and circumstance—Obama is aiding and abetting the enemies of America while simultaneously devaluing our currency and extorting us–the taxpayers. We have never had a president who so flagrantly dismissed his oath to soil the Constitution and circumvent its purpose.

Obama: “Fundamentally Transforming the United States of America”

I found his statement of “fundamentally transforming America” offensive when I first heard it and I find it criminal now that I have witnessed four years of his tyrannical rule. Obama claims to be an egalitarian, but he is nothing of the sort. He is a tyrant.

For four years now he and his minions of the Progressive Left have waged their shameless serial sociological warfare on every front possible in order to sculpt his vision of a socialist utopia. They are  Marxian elitists.

Although they are still called Democrats, they are not the Democrats from a few short decades ago; they are shameless, firebrand, unapologetic, socialists/Marxists to the core. The United States Constitution is almost all that remains standing between them and their coveted desire to bring down the Eagle of Liberty.

There is absolutely NO doubt in my mind that the President is aiding and abetting the enemies of our Republic and he is demonstrably acting outside the law he arrogantly believes he is above. If he continues to abuse the citizens they will surely respond in kind.
Listen to a professional liar:

Full – President Obama final news conference of his first term 1/14/2013

Manufactured crisis …

In order to altar the past one must first blur the present. Progressive Democrats have incrementally ensconced themselves within all levels of government over the past century. They have sought out positions in municipalities, local offices, state level and nationally. They have thoroughly monopolized the press (with the exception of the internet and talk radio). They unionized our education system, bloated its bureaucracy and then transferred its control to the federal throne in Washington, DC. Then, having gained control, they have slowly modified the curriculum until the students are no longer being taught, they are being indoctrinated. They no longer teach the three R’s. They no longer teach history. California recently decided not to teach Algebra to 8th graders any more, because they felt their lack of understanding it was demeaning–the soft bigotry of low expectations! They have kicked God out of school and make fun of Christians.

They have spawned a multitude of legislation and regulation that feeds legions of trial attorneys and bureaucrats with mountains of paperwork to shuffle. “There ought to be a law,” they clamor and so they make one and then another, but these laws never solve the problem—they perpetuate it. These laws are manufactured to feed the grand, legal maw of government; they fill the hog trough of the trial lawyers and never solve the problem that sparked their inception. It is all about the process. If they ever found a real solution then, they fear, they would be out of a job.

Everything has become a reason to fabricate additional rules, regulations and legalese–manufactured crisis. In the immortal (and immoral) words of Rham Emanuel, “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

Child obesity is a crisis; but they keep increasing the number of meals available at school. Then the food Nazis intervene and expect the kids to eat card board and like it.

Food Activists Seek Broad Agenda Of Social Control

Bullying is a crisis, but don’t expect the teachers to do anything about it–its not their job. This is interesting because the Left practices bullying Christians and conservatives daily!

Healthcare was ginned up into a crisis, because—in country of 300 million people—3o million of them didn’t have any medical coverage, so it was a crisis!
Recently Ben Carson spoke with eloquent common sense at the annual Prayer Breakfast   about the issues of the President’s Affordable Healthcare Plan and political correctness. He did what the Republicans should have been doing all along. Boehner should get clue from Dr. Carson!

CNN Panel: Was Doctor’s Conservative Speech In Front Of Obama ‘Offensive,’ ‘Inappropriate’?

These statist, elitist, know-it-alls make me nauseous. Carson’s comments were “offensive, inappropriate?” Give me oxygen! The Left is always offended, so when a conservative tells the truth and the Progressive Left has a cow!

Global Warming is a crisis. The climate and environment were changing and it had to be our fault so they manufactured a slew of statistical garbage and called it science in order to bilk us all out of some more of our money.

Financial markets are a crisis. The housing market was crashed by the legal meddling of the Progressive Left during the Carter and Clinton administrations and that in-turn brought about the housing market bubble. People who had no business in getting a mortgage couldn’t buy home, so the government demanded that the banks loan money to people who couldn’t pay it back under the threat of legal action.

The South African Model: Obama to Pursue ‘Socioeconomic Rights’?

Rand Paul: Obama Would Prefer ‘A Different Type Of Constitution’

Obama, FDR and the Second Bill of Rights

Violence and crime statistics are actually falling, but because there were a couple of over-sensationalized shooting incidents this past year, the Progressive Left is hell bent on the elimination of the 2nd Amendment. We have a gun crisis. Confiscation of guns has always been one of their utmost desires; these incidents provide them an excuse to blame the law abiding gun owners instead of the individual responsible for the crime. Piers Morgan has resurrected himself on the issue of enacting more restrictive gun laws, using the victims of the Newtown and Aurora shootings as political pawns to inflate his ratings. Where was Piers on the “Fast & Furious” scandal? Where is he on the President’s demands that he be allowed to execute US citizens via drone with out question? Why can’t he examine the factual evidence that clearly demonstrates that responsible gun ownership reduces violent crime?

Never mind that Progressives have played every part in destroying the family as our basic building block of society with entitlements, abortion, having demonized morality, glorified violence and perversion and transformed the perpetrators of crime into victims—it is all the fault of heterosexual, Caucasian, Christian, gun-owning, conservatives! So it is a crisis!

All of these things were mole hills made into mountains and the spineless, moderate, beltway Republicans sought to compromise instead of confronting the Progressives. The go-along-to-get-along moderate Republicans, who believed that ‘reaching across the aisle’ would be a solution (as opposed to standing on one’s core principles) are who we have to blame. They have kicked the can down the road time after time and the sad truth is they still believe that compromise is better than confrontation. I am discussing political confrontation, not physical violence. Now, it is probably too late to make amends and with the Obama administration’s zeal for regulating outside the law, operating above the law and wiping its center of gravity with the Constitution the situation becomes even dimmer.

True crisis buried …

Then there are the things like Islam and the war on terror which is a crisis and is patently ignored by the media and swept under the rug by the Obama administration. When we try to call attention to the facts we are called Islamophobic …

Obama claims U.S. in Afghanistan has “come very close to achieving our central goal, which is to de-capacitate al Qaeda, to dismantle them”

Robert Spencer:

“Al-Qaeda is “carving out its own state‘ in Mali, is operating with apparent impunity in Libya, and its friends and allies the Taliban are on the offense in Afghanistan itself, as well as in Pakistan, and this clown is claiming victory.”

Obama claims that the war on terror is over. Why would the President make such preposterous claims when truth of the contrary is so blatantly obvious? Answer: Because he is batting for the other team. This is called “aiding and abetting the enemy” and it is one more aspect of reality that needs to be confronted immediately and with seriousness.

The pillar of the U.S. Constitution …

The 2nd Amendment

The United States was born with a gunshot, “the shot heard ‘round the world,” when the British Army came to confiscate the colonist’s stores of guns.

Like it or not our world is a world governed by the aggressive use of force. The reason that the 2nd Amendment is second is because it is the foundation for the 1st Amendment and the pillar of the whole document. Together, these two amendments guard all of our other rights and neither “shall be infringed.” The Founders were men wiser than their years and well before their time. They were not bigots or racists. They knew damn good and well that men like Obama were not to be trusted with the reigns of liberty and they tried to construct a form of government which might withstand the greedy assault of tyrants such as Obama. However, self-governance is fragile thing requiring diligent self-involvement. There is always someone willing to take your freedom from you and it so much easier to do so if you are unable to defend yourself.

I find it amazing that some of the people demanding that we relinquish our guns to the government are the same people who don’t want the government to invade their privacy, want marijuana legalized, free healthcare, free contraception, gay marriage and someone else to pay for it all while they enjoy a life of leisure.

These fools want you to believe that the Constitution is outdated so they can be rid of it.

The history of the future …

So what in the hell is your point, Tonto? All of these things I have mentioned are the implements of social engineering. This is what I have coined Serial Sociology, or Sociogenics. The Left is trying to create society by design. They only want a certain type of people with a certain type of mentality. They want a submissive citizenry. They want to eliminate history and the memory of freedom. You don’t need no stinking freedom, it’s too much work.

The Moonies, a religious cult from the 1960/70s had a technique they called “divine deceit.” Similarly, Islam has one they call “Taqiyya.” Essentially they are practices of deception that the perpetrator proposes to be in the “best interest” of the nonbeliever. It is acceptable to lie in order to obtain benefit for the “greater good.”

Nothing on Obama’s “to do list” is even near the top of the list of priorities of the American citizens. Yet, he alone knows best. He is the expert on everything.

The great Roman statesman, orator, and philosopher Marcus Tullius Cicero wrote:

Nescire autem quid ante quam natus sis acciderit, id est semper esse puerum. “Not to know what happened before you were born, that is to be always a boy, to be forever a child.”

Now we come full circle. With nearly two generations of indoctrinated school children transitioning into adult life with their perpetual adolescent perspectives and their pre-programmed politics the Progressive Left has positioned itself perfectly for the final implementation of its sinister plot. Having not been taught any meaningful, truthful history these young adults are vulnerable to lies of the socialist/Marxian ideologues—they are low-information pawns. Indeed, progressives perpetually lie about the Founding Fathers, the Constitution and the dream of freedom that was once America. Being academically illiterate, they have no tools with which to gauge these accusations, and having taught victimology all of their lives these young people yearn only for vengeance against those evil, oppressive, heterosexual, Caucasian, Christian, gun-owning, conservatives!

The Obama administration promoted the OWS Movement. It was, I believe designed to provoke conservatives into a physical conflict; although it seemed largely a failure, was it? Failure never seems to dim the persistence of the serial sociologists. They must engineer a perfect society; a society which exalts the state and its leader without question, a society which willingly sacrifices itself for the benefit of the state and its supreme leader. In all of my 50 years on this blue ball I have never seen a more pompous, arrogant, self-important person than Barack Hussein Obama.

Such a society would have no imagination, no instincts, no desires, no dreams or ambitions. To display any of those qualities would be criminal–sound similar to Islam?  Conservatives and their damnable Constitution are the problem.

Next Generation: Victor Davis Hanson on the Decline of American Education (Video)


Liberty’s last stand …

It is difficult to remain optimistic when contemplating all of the above. I think we all wish there was something we could say or do to change things for the better, but our present circumstance has been years in the making. Many have forewarned us along the way, to include Ronald Reagan, William F. Buckley, and the Founding Fathers. The Tea Party may be the last bastion of hope for an America as envisioned by our Founders. They provided a massive response to the progressive onslaught in 2010 and when 2012 came the moderate elitists of the GOP literally sh*t on the foreheads of the Tea Party squelching any momentum conservatives had in regaining the White House.

Tonight Obama will give another State of the Union speech and he will promote jobs initiatives, more taxes, climate change, green energy and gun control. Meanwhile, North Korea just detonated another nuclear bomb and they are working with Iran, who is getting cozy with Egypt–we can give Egypt F-16s and A-1 tanks, but we can’t give any to Taiwan. We can’t help Israel. We can’t condemn Islam for its violence against Christians and we need to give up our guns. Obama continues to devalue the dollar, dilute our military capabilities, squelch our economy with regulations and fictitious environmental concerns, erode liberty with his selective enforcement of the law and strengthen our enemies abroad with his pacifist foreign policy.

What on earth is left for us to do? Return to basics …

*   *   *

Larry Arnn on the Declaration and Constitution: Chapter 1 of 5

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