Oscars: Michelle Obama Wins the Jumping the Shark Award

Last night, the Hero of the Working Class, Michelle Obama, sporting a $9,000 dress, made a surprise cameo appearance at the Oscars using members of our military as props.

Nikki Finke of Deadline Hollywood commented:

Oh My God: The Academy actually drafts First Lady Michelle Obama to help present Best Picture from presumably the White House? So unnecessary and inappropriate to inject politics into the Oscars yet again. Hollywood will get pilloried by conservative pundits tomorrow. I don’t understand this very obvious attempt to turn off right-leaning audiences. Clearly the studios only want to sell their movies to half of America.

If anyone ever doubted that culture and politics is one and the same with the left, this little episode provides all the proof required.

When the First Lady of the Working Class made her surprise appearance, a collective groan went up on Twitter:

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