More on Those ‘Personal Defense Weapons’ Requested by DHS

Barack Obama. President. Tyrant.

Bob Owens is one of my goto guys when it comes to guns and the Second Amendment. Bob’s recent article entitled “Yes, Barack Obama is a tyrant, just like the Founders warned us against” poses a question regarding the Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS) putting in a request or 7,000 “Personal Defense Weapons” that I have expressed here on this blog:


This is the same Obama government that supplied Islamist groups aligned with al Qaeda with weapons, that is still dodging the fact it left an American Ambassador unprotected in a warzone, and then abandoned the dozens of survivors of the Benghazi attack, stopping a 100-man Marine rescue force on the way from Sicily in their tracks when Obama refused to grant cross border authority for the rescue.

This is the same Obama government arguably outfitting the Department of Homeland Security as the President’s private army, purchasing 7,000 personal defense weapons.

M4-based, select-fire Personal Defense Weapon (PDW)

PDWs of the kind desired by DHS are very fascinating short-range firearms, with a very specific mission profile. The question is , what sort of mission profile would benefit from extremely short rifles for DHS? There are only two that I can easily think of. One is for the security details of high-value individuals, which isn’t a publicly-known mission of DHS, and would appear to beyond the scope of their mandate.

The other use for such weapon in the DHS’s hands is “door-kicking;” close quarters combat inside structures. Why does the Department of Homeland Security need to outfit so many agents for close quarters combat within the United States?

That’s a question that the tyrant at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue would rather you didn’t ask.

One question that has been bouncing around my head is Obama’s expressed desire to create a civilian military force every bit as strong as the U.S. military: Why? Are we at war with the American people? Is DHS becoming the de facto “civilian defense force” that is every bit as powerful as the U.S. military that Barack Obama was speaking of? And why would we ever need such a militarized police force? Just a question!

h/t: Doug Ross @ Journal

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