Left-Style Defense: On Point … and on the Ball! [Video]

Democratic Colorado State Senator Jessie Ulaberri tells the Colorado Senate Judiciary Committee there are alternatives to guns for self defense, like ballpoint pens:

It is unclear when the Secret Service and personal body guards will transition over from guns to ballpoint pens.

Some agents are wondering if ball point pens will be available in the .45 ACP caliber, while others are requesting military-style chalkboard erasers, citing better odds of survival during a violent attack by erasing the threat (known as the Bugs Bunny defense), as opposed to scribbling all over a potential assailant with a ball point pen.

BPW’s (Ballpoint Pen Weapons) are already available to the military and law enforcement. Civilian model BPW’s will feature smaller pen tips and will not allow full-auto clicks. Additionally, ammunition (ink) will be highly-regulated for non-LEO/Military BPW’s.

BPW (Ballpoint Pen Weapon).


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