I Want My Machine Guns Back

Man, I’m so mad about the left’s assault on our Second Amendment rights that I’m fit to be tied. It really is nothing but a draconian move to infringe on our rights as Americans to own and bear arms. But it’s also a direct assault on the Bill of Rights itself.

Read this really, really carefully:

It reads “… SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.” Does it not? What part of that do you gun-grabbers not get? I’m sick of this nonsense. Fed up. I’ve had all I can take and can’t take no more.

How in the hell have we allowed a handful of anti-gun zealots to chip and chip away at rights like this? Where is the damn outrage? I mean it. Where is it?

Well, for starters, here’s a little from Ted Nugent that I find quite delightful and refreshing:

I don’t care if you own firearms or not; you should be gravely concerned about the draconian efforts underway by this White House, and people like Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Rep. Chuck Schumer, to deprive us all (that means you, too, liberals and independents et ilk) of our God-given constitutional right to bear arms.

Now, I keep repeating this experience I had with the Historical Reenactment Society back in the 90’s. I used to get to fire both Class 3/Title II (NFA weapons) and legal firearms in regular live fire exercises that were held on a regular basis. I just had to supply the ammo. I also was trained in the safe handling of these weapons. I’m not an expert, just somewhat knowledgeable about the basic operation of most legal firearms, and some military-style weapons. It was a blast! Can’t avoid the pun! I loved it! I know what machine gun smile is!

And that brings me to the point of all this, one I don’t think we hear enough: we were completely within in our right to own and fire these weapons. Anyone selling/purchasing these sort of arms had a proper FFL license in our unit. Anyone owning a full-auto machine gun, like the MG-42 or BAR, had filled out the proper ATF-NFA forms and paid the fees and excise tax to legally own such weapons. It’s called America, folks!

That’s right! A citizen can own a machine gun. They can even own grenades (destructive devices). Have you been eye-ballin’ that M4A3 76mm Sherman tank over at the proving grounds? Make a bid! Yes, you can buy a tank, too. It’s well-regulated, though. And to buy these sorts of NFA weapons is going to cost you, not to mention a more thorough background check and lengthy waiting period.

But what the left has been doing with a vengeance since 1968 is slowly chipping away at OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS! They have diabolically and incrementally hacked away at which sort of arms they think we, as free Americans, should be able to own. This is not what the framers of our Constitution intended. It is quite clear what they intended, for it is in plain language: SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!

It is not me, Mr./Ms. Gun Grabber, who is doing something unlawful or illegal; it is you! It is you Constitution-denying, gun grabbing zealots who are more than willing to cut your own nose off to spite your face. When you go after my inalienable rights, you go after your own. The fact that a gun may frighten and scare you is not my problem; you will not infringe on my legal right to own and bear arms! I have the law of the land on my side; it’s called the U.S. Constitution!

So, to all Americans who believe in the right to legally own and bear arms, it is time for you to educate yourself on your rights. Because if you don’t, you’ll be left with a straw and spitball … maybe some scissors, if you’re lucky. Get involved and help in any way you can.

I have two videos here for you that I highly recommend you familiarize yourself with. The first video covers what is and what is not a so-called “assault weapon” by someone who gets it and knows what the hell he’s talking about. Watch and learn:

Our second video covers important aspects of FDR’s “National Firearms Act” (NFA) and the sort of regulations and restrictions that still cover the purchase and ownership of full-auto, short-barreled, suppressed/silenced firearms, and destructive devices—Class 3/Title II weapons. Watch and learn:

Isn’t it great to be an American? Yeah, it may shock some to know that one can legally own these types of weapons. It’s called America, people! You’re supposed to be free! Remember? Remember, you guys? It’s a free country? Why don’t we hear that anymore?

Now, I do believe the left has kicked the sleeping giant with all their nefarious tactics on peaceful, law-abiding citizens, like posting the addresses and contact information for lawful gun-owners in their infamous little interactive map the Journal News posted online.

Get mad, America! I’m serious. Get mad! These are your inalienable rights we’re talking about here. At some point you just have to say enough is enough. I’ll even go so far as to say I would like to see a lot of this rotten gun legislation passed by Metzenbaum, Feinstein, Schumer et al. over the years repealed, since none of them have a clue about firearms but do seem rather well-versed in Marxian socialist ideology. Just sayin’. 

Most importantly, if the intent for passing strict gun control legislation was to reduce violent crime, then it has been a miserable failure (cf. Chicago & D.C.). So why would we continue with laws and policies that have been proven to be colossal failures? Maybe the Democrats have blood on their hands? I mean, if you keep enacting legislation that only encourages and increases violent crime, at some point you have blood on your hands, in my opinion.

So, in closing, I hope you at least watched the first video, because he really brought up a prescient point: “we’ve become a needful society.” We constantly hear the left asking questions like, “Who do you need a clip [sic] with 30 bullets?” … “Why do you need to make more than a million dollars?” That’s not the question. The question is, “Why the hell can’t I have a 30-rd. mag and a million dollars if I want?’ Who the hell are you to tell me what I need?

Yeah, yeah … I get it. You can take that Marxist crap and do stuff with it that I can’t print here. But I’d be more than to tell you in a less public forum. Telling people what you think they need is not America. I reject the premise outright. I am an American whose inalienable rights are to be protected under our Bill of Rights. I intend to keep those rights. I’m not the only one … trust me.

USMC Bravo Company Ceremonial Marchers of the Marine Barracks march in the Inaugural Parade with bolts removed from their M1 Garand rifles under orders by the president on Jan. 21, 2013.

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