DHS Adds 21.6 Million More Rounds of Ammo to Its Nearly 2 Billion Round Stockpile

(Examiner.com)—Over the last year, the Department of Homeland Security has purchased 1.6 billion rounds of hollow point ammunition for unknown reasons. A new solicitation has appeared from the DHS requesting even more rounds. Posted on Fed Biz Ops on Wednesday, the solicitation requests 10 million .40 caliber 165 grain jacketed hollow point rounds, 10 million 9mm 115 grain jacketed hollow point rounds and 1.6 million 9mm pistol cartridge ball rounds. This comes to a total of 21.6 million bullets.

Speculation has abounded about why the DHS is purchasing this ammo. Other agencies began purchasing large amounts of ammo at the same time as the DHS, but those agencies have explained their orders as being for training and use by their agents. After the Social Security Administration purchased a large amount of ammunition, the agency issued a post on its official blog explaining that it was “standard issue” and used by special agents during “mandatory quarterly firearms qualifications and other training sessions, to ensure agent and public safety.”

While other agencies have explained their purchases, the DHS remains quiet, going so far as to illegally black out information on a solicitation after attention started being directed toward them.

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