Deadliest U.S. Sniper Killed at Gun Range by ‘Veteran Suffering PTSD’

From TRP: This is a real shocker and very bizarre. My thoughts, prayers and condolences go to the Kyle family and friends. You know, I must admit. I’m very troubled by this. In a very short time, two prominent gun-makers have been killed, one under mysterious circumstances, another execution-style, now this. No, I have no proof to back up my suspicions, but I just keep seeing my “people” going down one by one: Brietbart, Ratliffe, Noveske, now Kyle. What’s next?

Via The Daily Mail:

Kyle, 39, served four tours in Irag and he was awarded two Silver Stars, five Bronze Stars with Valor, two Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals, and one Navy and Marine Corps Commendation. Kyle recorded more than 150 sniper kills – the most in U.S. military history – between 1999 and 2009.

  • Ex-Navy Seal and New York Times best-selling author Chris Kyle, 39, was  reportedly shot along with another man
  • The suspect, 25-year-old Eddie Ray Routh, is in police custody after he fled the scene in Kyle’s car
  • Kyle is a husband and father of two who served four tours in Iraq and holds the U.S. military record for most sniper kills

A former Navy Seal, expert sniper and best-selling author was reportedly gunned down at a Texas shooting range Saturday by a veteran who is recovering from post-traumatic stress syndrome.

Ex-Navy Seal Chris Kyle, 39, and another man were shot point-blank around 3:30 p.m. at a charity event on behalf of Kyle’s security firm at the gun range at Rough Creek Lodge and Resort in Erath County.

The suspect, 25-year-old Eddie Ray Routh, was arrested roughly five hours later in Lancaster, Texas after a police chase. He was driving Kyle’s truck at the time of the arrest, police said.

Investigators told ABC affiliate WFAA-TV that Routh is a former Marine who was suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome.

Kyle, a husband and father of two, authored the New York Times best-seller ‘American Sniper,’ which chronicled his four tours in Iraq. The book hit shelves last month.

He recorded more than 150 sniper kills – the most in U.S. military history – between 1999 and 2009.

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