CNN Freaks Out Over ‘Draconian’ Sequester Cuts, Like the ‘Asteroid’

Once again, the sycophantic lapdogs of the liberal news media are more than willing to lie and deceive the American people to further the political goals of the Obama Administration.

I started posting warnings about the effects of the sequestration on our military readiness months ago. Not too many people were interested in the subject at the time.

The bottomline is Barack Obama was the one who signed the sequester into law; it was his idea! But, now, the president, in his endless presidential campaign, is now blaming Congress and the Republicans for the sequester. Pathetic! The man has no shame or honor, just a pathological desire to rule by any means necessary.

The sequester entails around $85 billion in budget cuts—around 2.5 % of the total budget. Of course, the only cuts the president wishes to make is to our military. Additionally, Defense Sec. Leon Panetta is right there with the president predicting doom and gloom for America if the sequester goes through; yet this is exactly what Obama and Panetta want to see happen. Why else would they have come up the sequester in the first place?

Trevor Loudon warned us all about the Obama Administration’s long-held desire to destroy U.S. military capabilities. Panetta’s experience mainly lies in budgetary matters, not military or defense. Obama’s selection of Leon Panetta for Defense Secretary was bizarre at first glance. But now it is clear why Obama chose Panetta: to eviscerate our military and greatly weaken our national defense. This has been a big goal of the radical leftists for many years.

Once again we see Obama and ilk creating the crisis, then attempting to provide the solution. None of this, in my opinion, would even be remotely possible if the mainstream media (state-run press) were not in the tank for Obama.

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