Chocolate Klansmen Strip & Whip Newark Teen Over $20

From TRP: Remember, New Jersey, you won’t be able to defend yourself anymore, either.

Via LiveLeak:

NEWARK — The video [warning: graphic] is barely two-and-a-half minutes long, but each second is more disturbing than the one before.

Somewhere in Newark, a teenage boy can be seen removing his clothes, stripping completely naked while he is berated and cursed at by another man in a black hat and black T-shirt. A pack of men surround their cornered victim, laughing and commenting on the situation.

As the boy stands there with his shoulders slumped, the man in the black shirt screams about a debt owed by their victim’s father. As the boy cowers, the leader of the group grabs a belt from one of his sidekicks and screams at the victim.

“Where my money at?” he howls.

“I don’t know,” the victim responds meekly.

What happens next has infuriated law enforcement and city leaders. For 90 seconds, the boy is mercilessly whipped with the belt while the group continues to laugh at him, demanding he tell the camera that it’s a “dog eat dog world.”

At the end of the video, someone announces the amount of money that sparked the vicious attack — a measly $20.

The video, which contains some disturbing images and abusive language, has attracted nearly 38,000 views on YouTube as of Monday night. Newark Police Director Samuel DeMaio said he was infuriated by the video and dispatched three separate detective squads to find the man holding the belt in the clip, which he called “sickening.”

“You don’t know how bad I want to see the kid who did that taken into custody,” he said.

Newark City Council President Anibal Ramos echoed that sentiment.

“The perpetrator as well as those who stood idly by laughing and videotaping this act of savage brutality should be brought to justice,” he said.

A screen grab from a YouTube video shows a teenager as he is being forced to strip naked . Shortly afterward, the teen is beaten repeatedly with a belt. Newark police are trying to identify the victim and the attacker.

DeMaio said police have an idea of where the attack took place and are closing in on the assailants. Investigators are aware of a Twitter account that has been associated with publicizing the videos, according to DeMaio, who declined to comment further.

It remains unclear who the victim or assailants were, but social media has offered some insight into the Twitter account DeMaio was referring to. Dozens of furious tweets linking to the video identify someone owning the Twitter handles @440BoyRiqBubz and @RiqBubz as the person who began promoting the clip online.

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