Wounded 90-Year-Old Man Shoots Burglar: ‘F—- You, You Son of a B—-, Now It’s My Turn!’

(Examiner.com)—Despite being shot in the face, 90-year-old Jay Leone of Greenbrae, CA, foiled a home invasion, shooting a burglar three times.

Leone, a former Marin County Sheriff’s deputy, described the harrowing incident in a Marin County court earlier this week, testifying that he never felt the gunshot to his face, The Blaze reported.

“To tell you the truth, I never felt a thing,” he said. The bullet entered Leone’s jaw and exited his neck.

The Blaze adds:

Leone has held up surprisingly well after the traumatic, near-death experience, though during his hospital recovery he contracted pneumonia and was fitted with a breathing tube. After nine days in the hospital, he was released.

After being shot in the face, Leone pumped three rounds into his attacker, hitting him in the stomach. But that did not stop the burglar, who wrestled him to the floor. Once again, he narrowly escaped certain death.

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