Trevor Loudon to Tour US in 2013 with New Book

Via Trevor Loudon:

From late 2011 to November 2012, I toured in the United States, three times, promoting my book Barack Obama and the Enemies Within. I spoken in 27 states, to more than 150 audiences. I also did many radio interviews, trying to alert more Americans to the dangers of an Obama presidency.

In 2013, I’ll be back with a new book – this time focusing on the pro-communist and socialist infiltration of the US Congress and Senate. The enemies within now have huge covert influence in the legislative branch of the US government – but owing to similar infiltration of the mainstream media, few Americans have any idea of the problem.

Consequently, millions of Americans blithely vote for candidates bent on the destruction of their constitutional republic, every single election cycle.

More Americans must be alerted to this harsh reality.

I have confirmed engagements in California in June and invitations to more than 30 states so far.

If you’d like to discuss the possibility of me addressing your conference, meeting or seminar please Email me.

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