Syrian Rebels Employing Sophisticated Anti-Tank Weapon Systems [Video]

I’m certainly no expert on armored warfare, but I do recall reading long ago that the German Army’s experience in Poland during World War II taught them to never deploy tanks in an urban environment, and that was before the advent of personnel-carried anti-tank weapons like the U.S. bazooka, German Panzerfaust or the Russian rocket-propelled grenade (RPG).

Apparently the Syrian Army (SAA) has not learned this bitter lesson, despite the fact of heavy losses in tanks and APC’s inflicted by FSA rebels using RPG’s and the like. Now, FSA rebels are employing more sophisticated anti-tank weapon systems like the Russian Metis-M ATGM (anti-tank guided missile) and the Konkurs-M ATGM system.

I have no idea if the FSA procured these weapons from a major arms depot they captured, or if these third-generation AT weapon systems are flowing into Syria from abroad.

Metis-M ATGM system

Russian Metis-M ATGM system (NATO designation: AT-13 Saxhorn-2)

Konkurs-M ATGM system

Russian Konkurs-M ATGM system (NATO designation: AT-5 Spandrel)

The results aren’t pretty when these weapons hit their mark, as the SAA is learning the hard way …

***WARNING: Graphic Content***



Syrian T-62 tank being hit by a SPG-9 recoiless rifle

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