Sen. Rand Paul Introduces Legislation Prohibiting U.S. from Sending F-16’s & M1’s to Egypt

Since hearing about the “hope and change” the so-called “Arab Spring” was to bring to Middle East from the likes of Obama and the MSM, Egypt has been overrun by the violent and merciless Muslim Brotherhood. If Egyptians thought Mubarak was bad (and he was), just wait for total Islamic rule under the tyrannical authority of Egypt’s president Mohammed Morsi and his bloodthirsty minions from the Muslim Brotherhood.

But all is not well in Egypt under the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood. Yet amongst this backdrop, the U.S. is considering sending F-16 fighter planes and advanced M1 Abrams tanks to Egypt.

The U.S. recently sent 200 M-113 armored personnel carriers to Lebanon, effectively giving military aid to Hezbollah.

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