Obama has allegedly chosen the license plates that will be used on his limo as he is driven to the Capitol for the inauguration on Monday. The license plate will sport the tagline: “TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION.”Apparently this is in reference to the fact that Washington D.C. is taxed but has no vote in Congress.

Does anyone see the irony in this? Obama is upset that D.C. is taxed? I thought he loved taxes? Shouldn’t he be holding up a D.C. as a model city that is “paying its fair share”? And where is the representation of the American people who will be heavily taxed under Obamacare? Where is their representation?

No, sorry, I cannot ignore the astonishing irony of the president choosing “TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION” as his license plate tag. It was John Otis who said that “taxation without representation is tyranny.” So, how strange is it that Obama will be displaying the tag “TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION” on his presidential limo? Maybe it’s really just a Freudian slip that reveals Obama’s true character—tyrant.

h/t: CD File

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