MSNBC Party Thugs Peddle False, Edited Video Claiming Newtown Parent Was ‘Heckled by Gun Nuts’

I tell ya, the Bill of Rights deniers and rabid anti-Constitutionalists down at MSNBC are really nothing but boot-lickin’ party apparatchik scum to me—state-press lackeys who have lost any sense of journalistic integrity, if they ever had any.

When you have to resort to this sort of deception and trickery, in order to try and win people over to your side, you’ve already lost all credibility and respect. And it isn’t the first time they’ve tried peddling this sort of false narrative crap … seems to be a pattern. Despicable.

Via The Daily Caller:

Another day, another deceptively edited video from NBC News.

Here’s footage that MSNBC has just released of Neil Heslin, whose son was murdered in Newtown, speaking at a public meeting on gun control. It’s presented with the headline, “Emotional father of Sandy Hook victim heckled by gun nuts”:

Except that’s not how it happened. Twitchy has obtained the full, unedited video, and the relevant portion is at the 15:20 mark:

He wasn’t heckled. He asked the question and demanded an answer. There was complete silence. And only then, when he said that not one person could answer it — rather than remaining quiet out of respect for his feelings — did a few people answer it. You might not like their answer if you don’t like the Second Amendment, but that answer wasn’t unprompted. They were not heckling him.

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