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Our Politicians’ Dirty Hands

By Nick McAvelly

I will consider here some of the principles and methods of our politicians, as they deal with dissenting voices. The mainstream media in the UK have as yet failed to even mention the incarceration of Tommy Robinson, let alone analyse the reasons behind it. So I intend to write something factual that will hopefully be of use to anyone involved in the counter-jihad movement.

Police have charged Tommy Robinson with allegedly attacking Sayful Islam, a hard core Islamist who frequently courts notoriety by reciting passages of the Quran and Hadith to justify Islamic supremacism and the call for Britain to become an Islamic state.

As any philosophy graduate knows, the key statement in Machiavelli’s The Prince can be found in the opening paragraph of Chapter 15. There, it’s argued that if a prince wants to maintain his state, he must “learn how not to be good” and then use that knowledge whenever it is necessary. In philosophy, this is known as the “dirty hands” problem.

The reason why it’s necessary for a prince to sometimes get his hands “dirty” is that he will be overcome by those around him if he doesn’t. As Machiavelli put it: “A man who wishes to profess good at all times will come to ruin among so many who are not good”. Machiavelli did not have an unrealistic view of people, calling them “a wretched lot” who in general are “ungrateful, fickle, simulators and deceivers, avoiders of danger, and greedy for gain”. Pretty much the opinion we have of politicians today.

Over the years we have seen mainstream politicians laying the groundwork for a more distant and elitist form of government. As that project has slowly progressed towards a global political system, all peoples and creeds have been invited to sit at the table. As this happens, significant problems arise.

The more inclusive a global political system becomes, the more each of its members have to turn a blind eye to what their comrades do. If you are going to work alongside groups like Hamas and support their goals, then you are going to have to forsake your own conscience. Amorality is a necessary condition of a global political system.


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