Democrat’s Proposal Will Force Gun Owners to Store Legal Firearms at Government-Approved Storage Depots

NOTE: To all bloggers and journalists: Stop using the term “assault weapons.” The whole term “assault weapon” was introduced in “gun control” legislation introduced by the likes of Dianne Feinstein and fellow anti-Second Amendment zealot Congressman Chuck Schumer et al. It is a contrived and redundant term used by anti-gun rights democrats to describe a military-grade, service-issue, select-fire, semi-auto/full-auto weapon like the U.S. military’s standard-issue M-16 rifle. These firearms are already well-regulated as “restricted” Class 3 weapons and can only be purchased by individuals with the proper federal firearms licensing (FFL).

By the way, since most in the media insist on displaying their complete ignorance concerning the technical aspects of firearms, here’s an important distinction that gun experts and armorers make when it comes to guns: the term “firearms” is used to describe guns that are legal for civilians to own without proper FFL—namely, semi-automatic (one shot for each trigger pull) and single-shot guns. The term “weapon” is used to describe guns that are considered “restricted” (Class 3), such as the U.S. military would employ.

So, in effect, what the Democrats are attempting to do is make legal firearms like the AR-15 rifle a “restricted weapon,” and eventually ban them altogether via incremental legislation that constantly redefines what an alleged “assault weapon” is supposed to be. The dems are attacking from all directions as well–from stiff taxes on ammo, to limiting magazine capacity, and even banning handguns outright. It is an utterly brazen attempt to redefine what it means to “bear arms.”

For example, Natick Patch reported, via Black Listed News:

Massachusetts State Representative David Linsky has filed a new bill that would force gun owners to undergo mental health background checks, pay an additional 25% tax on all forms of ammunition, and require firearms categorized as “assault weapons” to be stored outside of their homes at government approved sites.

Massachusetts State Rep. David P. Linsky and Barack Obama

Make no mistake about it. What the president and the democrats are doing by their full-on assault on American’s right to bear arms is disgusting, in light of the fact that they are exploiting the emotion, trauma and drama of a horrific crime to further their political agenda and war on guns. This is a direct attack on the Bill of Rights itself. Which sounds like a good topic for another article.

h/t: Gateway Pundit



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