Boomtown: Moscow on the Potomac

Sean Hannity has been airing some good stuff exposing the boomtown that is now Washington, D.C., thanks to the crony capitalism that now threatens to dismantle representative government. With $4 trillion of stimulus money floating around, a new aristocracy is being born in our nation’s capitol.

I can’t help but see troubling similarities between the former Soviet Russia and what Obama and his minions are doing now, especially considering Obama’s recent inaugural speech where he stated, “Individualism requires collective action.”

Requires collective action? You know, I recall that Josef Stalin was quite the fan of collectivism. During his monstrous reign, he confiscated the grain and belongings of the independent Russian farmer (the Kulaks). When the Kulaks resisted being forced onto the state collectives, Stalin responded with his characteristic brutal repression and declared all Kulaks “enemies of the state.” Many farmers were brutally tortured and killed. Many just simply disappeared from the face of the earth.

Secret police (NKVD) would visit poor Ukrainian farming communities and scour every nook and cranny, taking everything they could find. As one victim of Stalin’s merciless oppression on the kulaks remarked, “No bread on the table, but Stalin on the wall.”

Millions died of famine, even resorting to cannibalism of their own children, during Stalin’s reign of terror on the independent farmer.

But during this time, Moscow flourished. Stalin promised cars and other perks to those who dutifully towed the party line. Moscow had an active night life and a burgeoning populace.

So, as our so many in our economy are suffering, me being of them, we see Washington, D.C., awash in cash and perks for people willing to tow the party line—Moscow on the Potomac.

God help us.

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