Benghazi: GOP House Select Committee Needed!


JAN 5, 2013, DAY 116

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WATERGATE TOOK A LITTLE OVER 12 MONTHS from the discovery of the break-in being tied to President Nixon to President Nixon’s resignation. Benghazi is almost at the 4 month mark and we already have known for months that Obama, Hillary Clinton and Rice lied about the cause of the Benghazi murders – including the killing of an Ambassador! The GOP house has not issued a single subpoena. Not one. Not to any White House aides, not to Hillary Clinton, who has given 3 excuses for not testifying so far, not to Joe Biden, any generals – no one. We have only heard from two low-level lackies in a couple of short hearings and that has been it.

During Watergate, in a tad 4 over months the chronology went from Oct 10, 1972, when the FBI realized that the break-in was connected to Nixon’s campaign to January 30, 1973, when former Nixon aides G. Gordon Liddy and James W. McCord were convicted of conspiracy, burglary and wiretapping while five other men pleaded guilty. That was over a cover-up for a lousy break-in when one group of rotten politicians was trying to get the edge on another. No one was killed after pleading for help. No one scraped an elbow.

In 6 months President Bill Clinton went from testifying in a deposition to having to admit lying to during the same deposition to a Grand Jury – over his relationship about a simple sexual affair arising from a civil case. No one during the Lewinsky scandal was sending calls and emails stating, in effect, “If we are not given reinforcements we are all soon going to die” as the civilian government workers were in Benghazi

Obama and Hillary heard those increasingly anxious calls for assistance. But Stevens and the rest were, in effect, being held prisoners in a shooting gallery: committed to their roles for the US and needing the money and resources to get out that were denied by that same government that put them there in the first place, denying them also the military protection needed in one of the most dangerous places for Americans in the world. They were trapped. The military was apparently ordered to stand down – in other words, in effect, specifically ordered to let Stevens die.

That’s when amazing heroes Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty sprang into action, arriving soon – as could have the military had Obama ordered them not to – and those two men saved an estimated 20 – 30 lives before their own lives were lost, with Woods found caked in his own blood, hunched over the weapon he used to desperately save the lives of others. Remember and never forget that if it had not been for Woods and Doherty, Obama and Clinton’s orders would have resulted in a minimum of 24 (twenty four) deaths of non-military (civilians)because a minimum of 20 people were saved by Woods and Doherty – and they had to disobey Obama and Clinton’s orders to do it.

Also, Watergate and the Lewinski scandal did not have the issue of a minimum of 20 survivors having been, in effect, whisked out of society, their names given not even to Congress – a normal process – in all this time. We don’t know who they are, where they are or why they have been hidden away – and that is Soviet Union-style stuff, and this is real and now and happening. It could have been you or me. Next time it might be.

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